I am a younger caregiver. My husband is a schizophrenia.


i am a younger caregiver. my husband is a schizophrenia . he was put out of the military in 1988 after beginning stationed at camplejeune for 13 years , i married him right out of high school, at 19 years old , little did i know that that my life would change so , i lost my home ,cars furniture and everything esle, in 1988. somehow depression alone with sleep apea have caught up with me, i worked for the system for many years cleaning and was forced to take my money out of retirment inorder to pay bills, it decide to snow in dec. 2010 and both heating units went out so i got into more debt. 11.000 . i can not do without heat. and food. i dropped my life insurance, inorder to pay a bill, after have it since 1979 . right now i am so depress i think i would do all most anything for money, even the worst thing you could imagine. i am 51 years old and tring my best to move on into the next day i am crying while i tpe this letter, i learned something a bout my self today i do not want to lose my home again, i have no job, althou my husband gets 100% compensation now . and having to refinance after the enconimice took a fall houses became worst nothing . i did mangage to get a fixed rat at 2000. a mo. and lost my job because of his liver and weight probles the va making doctor appointment what ever time of the day. i am goo at cleaning i mean i was an inspector . a cleaning inspector i checked the school behind the custodial staff so i am tring to open a business teaching young and old how to clean i need money . to get started that way i can take my husband with me if i can get him out the house , and i will be able to pay for someone to keep an eye on him while i get a life. i am will to do what ever to make it an become my own women again, i know i can do this imean i did it for more than 10 years for no real pay. and have nothing to show for it . if any one know of any company are grant that i may be able to apply for please email be and please pray for my soul, wjohnso

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I have some questions.

I'm sorry that meds have not helped your husband.

Did he or you report to the psychiatrist who was managing his meds the side effects that were hurting him?

Or did ya'll just stop the medicine because it didn't work and made things worse?

Did ya'll ask about optional meds that might work?

Psychiatry is not an exact science. It takes some practice with various meds and combination of meds to see what works.

I'm just asking because some people with a mental illness will do just that. Like some people with bipolar disorder will get tired of the after effects of what they are taking or miss that manic high. Then, they stop taking their meds. Some never tell their psychiatrist what is going on when they quit but there are several other meds for bipolar disorder. I'm on three of them right now with the 3rd one just added on Monday to see if that helps. The psychiatrist had samples with enough to get me through for 3 weeks. That was nice.

How long has he been off of his meds?

Has he needed to be hospitalized since then?

How are you and he dealing with his schizophrenia and how often does this overtake him? What are the symptoms of his disease?

Does he have a lack of emotions, can't sleep, decline in social relationships, sensitive to noise and light, failure to recognize what is real, unclear or confused thinking, salad talk, just escapes somewhere, withdrawal from any human contact, delusions or auditory hallucinations or paranoia?

There are a lot of people with a mental illness in the US. Many of them are Christians, Often what the are told is their depression or some other mental illness is caused by their lack of faith, unconfessed sin in their lives or a demon. Well, one big problem is that the great protestant reformer, Martin Luther, struggled with depression his entire life and does not appear that he had a lack of faith or other such problems.

If it is as simple as you say it is, then why are Christians dealing mental illness? Why are we seeing people with borderline and narcissistic personality disorders not healed? We sure have a lot of elderly parents with that problem who are discussed on this site. No one has found a cure for them. Why do we still have people in mental hospitals?

I think someone just posted here to proselytyze. The original poster is long gone. And Magnum, I agree with you on this.

This thread is 4 years old. Schizophrenia is best treated with medicine.

I also know what it feels like to be married to someone with schizophrenia. My husband has schizophrenia and no he is not a vet but I still deal with the struggles of schizophrenia everyday.

does the VA not offer up any hlep for him? I don't know what you mean when you say he was put out of the militery if that means he can't get anything from them or not.

I am sorry to read about your struggles. Is your husband under the care of a psychiatrist with current medications? Today, unlike in the 1980s there are many new drugs for schizophrenia that help stabelize a person suffering fromj this illness, assuming you can get them to take the medications. There are also some that can be given by injections.
Have you looked into any programs that help homemakers like you in your area. I'm not from your town but tried to look something up. Have you heard of this program New Choices for Displaced Homemakers

If that is not for you, try to see if there is any county or state agency that can lead you to something that can help you.

NAMI is a national organization (national alliance on mental illness) with local support groups http://www.nami.org/

I also found this site that lists North Carolina assistance programs.
The SCORE program has retired business persons who help you with free business advice. They have local groups in many cities

I apologize if none of these programs can help you but keep moving forward and you will find some help to meet your goals.

Only God knows how much we can endure and it sounds to me like you have had your fair share of problems and things to deal with. I wish I had some magic words that I could tell you to make it all better but I dont. Keep up your faith and if you have not started to already ( PRAY ) !!! God hears our words and some times he alone is the only thing that can help us. I wish you the best of luck and remember when we think we are at our lowest point it could always be worse. I feel for you I too have someone to care for.. My wife quit her 80k a year job to care for one of my family members... I know its tough but keep your head up and try and think about the positive things in your life. I hope this helps if not I am truly sorry.. I will keep you in my prayers.

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