Caregiver humor.

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Your know you're a caregiver for someone who is elderly or disabled when all the ads that pop up on your facebook or social media pages reflect your search for DEPENDS.


Yeah, what happened to the 'you know you're a caregiver when' thread? Is it still around?
A paster went to visit a sick elderly lady.
While he was sitting on the couch chatting he realized he was very hungry.
He spotted a bowl of almonds on the table next to the old lady and asked if he could have some.
"Of course" she replied "help yourself"
Half an hour later he realized with embarrassment he had finished the whole bowl and apologized profusely.
" Don't worry about it, I only lick the chocolate off since I lost all my teeth"
Late to the party since I've been a caregiver for about a year. You know you're a caregiver when your dad with dementia says to your mom who had a stroke "you know you're ruining my retirement" and she responds by swearing at him.
You think a Nursing Home would be a nice vacation :)
hahahaha Yes!! I have gone and laid down in my moms bed and thought that Ray. LOL

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