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My 90 year old MIL came to visit last week, and we started a very busy time of celebration (she turned 90 while she was with us). We all did a lot of going out to dinner, touring the area, etc.. I noticed my Mom seemed to be requiring more sleep than normal, but finally on Tuesday, she told me that she was having bleeding in her colon again. I took her into emergency, and they admitted her. That night, she went to use the restroom, and passed out on the toilet while having a bleed, but managed to use cord to call the nurse before she passed out. The had to give her a unit of blood. They were going to release her today because it appeared her bleeding had stopped, but when I went to pick her up, she had to use the restroom and once again, another bleed. The nurses and doctor seem to think it is "residual" blood. Blood that is left over from prior bleeds, but we have been through this so many times before, we weren't comfortable bringing her home. They agreed to let her stay another night (they had already signed the discharge papers), but if she has any blood at all between tonight and tomorrow, I will not bring her home. If she had that bleed that she had Tuesday night at home, she would not be alive, because I would have slept through it. I'm not going to risk that.
In the meantime, I've got my MIL, here to celebrate. She wants to go out. Tomorrow we were all supposed to go out to the theater (a Riverdance kind of thing). If my mother comes home she's going to be too weak to go. We don't have any kind of respite worked out. My MIL wants to go and those tickets cost a fortune - any suggestions?


Hire a caregiver/nurse to come sit with your Mom and go out with your MIL. CG can text you in case of an emergency.
Or, stay home with your Mom and let your husband take his Mother out for a special date night.
It seems those are the 2 obvious choices?
My husband has to work, so it was going to be the 3 of us until this happened. I have no idea how to hire a caregiver on such short notice, but we found a family friend to come stay with Mom and spend the night because it will be late when we get home. Thanks so much for your help!
Hope you all had a wonderful evening and that Mom is better:)
Blessings to you, xo
We had a great evening, and Mom, though tired, is doing better. Thank you!
((((hugs))))) glad it worked out!

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