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I challenge all caregivers on this site to do something for yourself this week no matter how big or small. As for myself, I am saving to get a manicure and pedicure, mother has already had one. You must at least do one thing for just yourself, no one else at least once a week. Don't ask anyone's permission, just tell them you are doing it. f they don't like it, tuff,. Write in what you do for yourself so we can learn from each other.


Eh well im going on a diet on Tuesday?? I am wheat and dairy intolerant and have been taking the piss by eating things that don't like me I cleaned out my bedroom and was in shock at all my new clothes and couldn't fit into them some still with price tags! that was it for me BUT I want to feel good about myself again and look nice I have a good figure it just got a bit lost inside this fat suit! So this is what im doing for me also saw a lovely outfit that I will buy when ive dropped a size. Watch this space if I can diet while looking after mum and NOT comfort eat chocolate then im pretty amazing!! once ive reached my goal I will consider stopping the fags! GULP!
Tex we want to see those fingers n toes!
Great idea. JessieBelle needs a new pair of shoes.
I went to see The Butler yesterday, I loved it!

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