My brother attacked me and chased me away from dad.

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It really just amazes me just how cruel "family" can be. My father was in the hospital again and is now in a rehab, until he is strong enough to be placed elsewhere. While In IN, I was the one staying all night with dad, leaving just to take a shower then going back because my dad was scared of my brother! I told dad not to be scared but then my brother physically attacked ME. I called 911. After calling 911 NOTHING HAPPENED. Found out from my brothers boss, he has been threatening to hurt me! Scared to stay at dads condo so I started staying at hotels, my family is Military and is in Florida. Called the Police back about the text from my brothers Boss and they STILL DID NOTHING. Now because of my brother and dads family.....I left IN and came back to FL. I was chased away!!
This should be about Dad and what dad wants, but these idiots are playing games. I love my dad and I will go back. They can hurt me and scare me but you only have one father! They are after his money and nothing more. I refuse to allow dads wishes to be changed in any way! dads POA, locked me out of his condo and my belongings were in it!! His POA does not have that authority....


Consult an eldercare attorney.

I'm sorry you are going through this.
Something is not right here. What did the police report state and what was the reason your brother was not arrested for assault?
Yes, get an attorney and surely something is very wrong if the police won't help you.
I had to call police on an older sister who hit me beside the head over her anger that she wants me to move my mom closer to me so she doesn't have to visit her! The nursing home or police were no help. I have contacted numerous attorneys over this plus harassing texts and emails from a brother. I am POA along with the brother, but he has robbed my mom over the years. Good luck...I've finally tried to just let it go, I avoid them and continue to visit my mom and I am the primary contact for her care. Screw all of these mean, greedy people. Their day is coming!
Forgot to mention I could have pressed charges for assault but because my sister is 15 years my senior, I couldn't go through with it. I really should have. She ended up telling everyone I hit her! My mom was the only one in the room when it happened and she can't communicate well because of her dementia. My mom was crying and so upset and told my sister to stop upsetting me, but my mom isn't able to definitively answer questions.
Call the ElderAbuse Hotline and report what happened. And what do you mean by stating that nothing happened when you dialed 911? Did they not show up or did they do nothing once you got there? You can go to the station and talk to a cop. They can talk to you about your options and also explain what they need to intervene. I agree with the other that hiring a lawyer is a good idea.
When I called the Police, I was not listed on the report? I was told it was a civil matter. My Uncle showed up and bailed my brother out.
I was locked in my car and the Officers' never came back to talk with me.
My father has Dementia and I am usually the one that takes care of him. My Uncle , the POA has been talking to my father about how he does not like me. Ironically, I have not spent time with him for 17 years. I have been married , raising my own family and being a military spouse. That family never gave me a chance and I have been so hurt by them and their actions.
Scared, I was told by the Officer, that the Prosecutor will not look at any case unless they are seriously hurt. My brother walks around talking about shooting people.....for no reason. So now you know why I was scared!
The only way to take complete control of the situation is to become the guardian. I decided not to do this because it would costs over $1500 to hire an attorney. The nursing home in my situation said they could not ban my sister from coming to the nursing while I am visiting, even though she caused my mom to become upset as well as other patients who witnessed her husband using profanity in the day room. I also contacted an ombudsman for a mediation and the siblings would not show up . The ombudsman told me that unless I get my mom declared incompetent, I cannot control the siblings from coming. "I" will have to be the one who walks away if they show up. I have done everything, but I didn't get any help from anyone. It's very frustrating. If you want to pursue legal action for assault you can, but to change the course you will probably have to do guardianship. Have as much documentation as you can to prove your case
I was also a military spouse, so love to you for that.

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