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What kinds of things do you like to do when you have a few minutes or a few hours for yourself? I like to soak in the bathtub or search travel sites and dream about taking a trip to Florida.


i like to go bike riding. worries can only travel at about 30 mph so if i trip around at 35 - 40 they cant catch up for a while.
I like to catch up on the 2 or 3 TV shows I can;t watch when the folks are around (Copper, Game of Thrones! ) Or go to the bookstore!
What is this "free time" you are speaking of? J/k, the little bit I get, I play scrabble on the PC......and read stupid celebrity gossip. I call it "mind candy".
I like to drive the back roads and look for rocks... I call it 'going to church', just me and nature... and not hearing my name.....

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