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I am the youngest of six siblings. Mom always depended on me when she took ill. A couple years ago I moved in with her to be her caregiver. I only worked a part time job to be able to take her to the doctors. .grocery her meds etc. Mom passed away several months ago. I wanted her house but the Executor of the sister became very ugly with threats. I am moving out but she is threatening an eviction. I will be moved out by the 3rd week of April. She is also threatening to take my inheritance from the sale of the home. What to do?


The Executor of the obligated to carry out the deceased's wishes as they are stated in the will. She can't let you have the house unless the will directs her to do that. She also cannot take your inheritance. She must distribute property as the will states.

If you can't work this out with her, I suggest consulting a lawyer.
The Will stated that my mother would want one of her children to buy her home but my sister was quick to turn that around. She disowned my mother two years before I moved in. Mom always said she wanted to take her off as Executor and told her close neighbors. I am moving out but the threats of eviction bother me. I have not retained an attorney. I have paid all the bills while living with mom...I never once asked for help. Death creates such desension between siblings. I even said I would waive my inheritance and still the threats.
Please see a family law or probate attorney and get legal help. Don't let your pushy sister - who didn't help your mom - push you out and around.

Reminds us all to make sure that our parents update the POA stuff and wills while they still can...And our own POAs and Wills need to be updated and current too...sigh!
Thank you for your support. I have received free legal advice and I could have gotten a PPO and File a motion. ..but did not. It is really tough to comprehend how families are torn apart when only took care of mom.Was it I receive the greatest of inheritance that no amount of money will ever pay...yes!!
Eviction, normally takes several weeks. It is a slow process. I would tell her to go pound sand.
Yes it does take several weeks. By then I will have already moved. Mourning my mothers death has not been easy especially knowing I tried my best to be the best daughter and caregiver I could. No other family ever came around. Yet I am being persecuted for not moving out quick enough. The man up above has the last word.

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