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Wanted to let all of you who offered kind words, comfort, inspiration, information and help that my husband passed away today after his struggle with Lewy Body Dementia. The past 3-1/2 months have mostly been a nightmare of struggles, infections, hospital stays, meds...but now he and I are both at peace. I was with him at the end, holding his hand, stroking his hair and assuring him that I would be fine and that I loved him. My advice to each of you is to persevere; learn all you can; question every doctor, nurse and other health professional you can to get the frank and are your loved one's only advocate. You will know when enough is enough as I did. He was in hospice for 13 days...a difficult time for both of us, but the struggle is over. God bless you all as you go along this arduous path. No longer SCARED.


So Sorry for you loss...God Bless...It is so hard to see our love ones is a relief when the suffering ends....Take care of your self .
((((Scared)))) The end can be a blessing when there is so much suffering. Take care of yourself. I know you will miss him, even though the end of his life was so hard. Your husband is in strong hands now.
Thank you for giving us this update. Feel free to remain on this board, to share your experiences and for support as you enter this new part of your own journey.

Condolences on this final loss.
So very sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing. Please take some time to feel what you feel and pamper yourself a deserve it! Hugs
I am so sorry for your loss. May God continue to comfort you. I'm happy to hear that you are at peace and you are "not scared" anymore. You made a powerful statement when you said... "you will know when enough is enough"... I have spoken to several Doctors and they feel that they have failed medicine if they refer "hospice". Far too many patients get referred to comfort hospice care too late and patients don't get to experience the full benefit. When understanding that hospice is about HOPE, and honoring patients’ choices about how they want to live their final days, about providing comfort and managing pain and symptoms associated with an illness, it makes sense to take advantage of the services hospice offers at the earliest appropriate time.
May God bless you. Now please allow yourself to feel all that you will and be as giving as you were you to your husband, to yourself. Condolences.
Thank you all. Your support is much appreciated.
I pray that the Lord comforts you. You must be a very courageous women..."I'm not scared anymore"! I hope you stay with this website, your experience could help many, including me. God Bless you and keep you.
Thank you. I have said to others that if just one comment, one phrase can give hope, peace, determination, comfort, I have done my job. The journey is long, the rewards seem few, but at the end, it all becomes totally clear...there was always love. God bless you. sorry for your loss, but happy that there is now peace for both of you. Good luck and God bless.

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