Very excited - vacation starts soon!

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Tomorrow Mom and I leave for Oregon heading to my brothers house. It's a 2 day trip, and this time we're going to take the scenic route instead of the same old route we always take. Once at my brother's house, I'll stay a couple of days to get her settled in, then I head up to my daughters house another 100 miles north of that for my month's vacation! My first day will be spent floating down a river on an inner tube! I am SOOO looking forward to this!


What wonderful news! I have not heard of any caregivers on on this site that get any appreciable time off, so enjoy it while you can - I am sure it is well earned. It's great that your brother is willing to take your Mom for a month. I hear so many stories of negative siblings that don't want to do their share. It sounds like you have a supportive family and I hope your Mom will be happy staying with your brother for a month. Enjoy your freedom!
Well good for you, it sounds like fun.. You must be so excited to see your daughter...relax,relax,relax............
Please take the wishes of ALL of us caregivers with you! We would love to hear of your trip when you return! It is so nice to hear someone gets a break!! Have a great time!! ENJOY!
Everything they said and more! We can live vicariously through you! Have a WONDERFUL and RELAXING time!
I'm bringing my computer with me (would go loopy without it - I'm a Facebook junkie), so I'll still be around!

My brother is great. Mom and I go up to Oregon every summer. Usually we stay for at least 2 months, but Mom isn't doing as well this year, so we decided a shorter visit would be better.

I actually think a shorter visit will be better because I won't put off until "later" all those things I want to do with the grandkids. I intend to fill every week with fun stuff! Life is too short to put stuff off until later!
OMG!!! what I would give for a vacation...a week would be a wonderful thing! I have not been on a vacation for 5 years now. Eguillot , enjoy every moment!!! Be safe and have a blast!
With you in spirit! Enjoy!
Have a fantastic adventure! You have earned it. I need to look into that inner tubing business, it sounds like a blast.....
Mom and I arrived in Carson City, NV after a long, but beautiful, drive up 395. I am SO glad we decided to take the scenic route to Oregon rather than the Interstate. What a glorious trip! US 395 takes you through the Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierras, home of all those "B" Westerns with what looked like a painted backdrop. It wasn't. Then on into the eastern slopes of Yosemite, and finally into Nevada. We are staying in a casino. Right now I'm a little too tired to think about putting money into slot, but trust me, I will before we leave - the chinese place we stopped at for lunch told me I would make a very wise financial investment LOL

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