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Not a question, just a comment, over the last few months, i've learned to cope with caregiving much better. Trying to accept the family situation as it is and just keep moving forward. Counsellor advised me to start looking ahead toward life without Mom (she's doing great, vitals are great, health overall is great, great checkups). So, i've been out looking at apartments, furniture, household goods etc. Not much that i want to take from here except for pictures and personal effects. There is a set of dishes of Mom's that i would like to have an possibly some of her Christmas decor, other than that, since I've been made to feel that this is not and has never been my home by 4 out of 5 of my siblings, i just want a clean start when it's all said and done. Looking forward to a bright future and hopefully not sounding morbid. I am truly trying to provide the best life i can for my Mom in my own way (and so are the siblings in their own ways) neither of us understanding or comprehending the other. But as long as Mom is taken care of and healthy and happy, it is good. God Bless us all for the life we've chosen and for the work that we do, even when it seems to be a thankless job and nobody cares. We are of value to those we care for. Have a great week.


its hard to envision life post caregiving but when you have complete control of your time and resources the doors will open for you. my mom died in august and i miss the carer role and i miss mom but life has gotten busy as hell repairing my worn out equiptment and reestablishing housekeeping.
Good for you Fraulein! Thinking ahead keeps us ticking waiting until im at that stage and thanks for enlightening us.

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