Caregiver concern about Alzheimer's.

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My aunt (Mom's sister) died of Alzheimer's this weekend. She started showing signs of dementia in her 70s. My uncle died 10-20 years ago of Alzheimer's that showed up a bit earlier. My mother has had dementia for 10 or so years. She is 82 now. Two of her other sisters also showed signs of dementia, but died of something else. This morning I thought about how this branch of the family tree was almost destined to come down with Alzheimer's in late life. It is frightening to wonder if and when I will get it. I am coming of the age. It makes me feel that I need to do something meaningful in the next few years before my brain starts to deteriorate. (My father had mixed dementia when he died, so no relief there.) It's worrisome to be pretty much destined for Alzheimer's and not have any idea of how to prevent it. I guess what we can do is enjoy life until the time.


Oops -- my mother is almost 88. Oh, dear. It's already beginning.
Awh... I can see from your family's history why you might be worried. I also have those same worries. My grandmother's sister had it Now my mother... I pray I'm not next ...hoping one of my non helpful siblings gets it vs me, is probably not a nice this, right?

The only thing we can do is try and take good care of ourselves right now and enjoy life right now.... just in case :)

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