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I have been taking care of mom for 2 years now. Yesterday, I was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. My mom is crushed and so am I. I will put her in a group home at the end of the month. That way I can live the time I have left not having to care for her.


My God Ireese, I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you have support there and have loved ones and friends to be with you. I can't imagine the pain you are in. Know that there are people thinking of you and wishing you what ever peace you can find it the time you have. You deserve to feel safe and loved! Jen
Oh Ireese, oh my gosh, I am so sorry. I hope you have friends and family with you to support you like, Jsomebody said. Can I do anything to help? Are you spiritual? I will say a prayer for you every night if you would like -for healing or acceptance or whatever it is you desire. -Mishka
Ireese, you must be going frantic with everything - trying to get your mom situated. My mind has gone blank. I just wanted to tell you that after the shock was over (Yes, shock. Unfortunately, here on island we have a very very high rate of cancer), I thought of your mom. I remember the last time I read your post which touched my heart was when of xmas day and how your mom stayed in her room to give you that day to enjoy your family. I'm glad that you do have a loving family to lean on. {{HUGS}} Book
lreese, I hope these next months are good ones for you and the cancer is not painful and debilitating. You didn't say which type it was, but I know it is a very serious one. I wish the cancer would just go away, or at least let you live reasonably healthy a lot longer than 6 months. That is my greatest hope. If you have a chance, please check back in to let us know how you are feeling
Dear Ireese, I have offered up a prayer for you and your Mom...for strength, courage, and peace as you face this terrible transition. May you find peace and comfort in knowing you did your best for your Mom and that the Lord will give you what you need in your final days. God bless you.
Don't give up! Doctors are wrong all the time. There are amazing stories of people who beat this. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people and keep believing that this is just a trial that you can over come. Praying for you!
praying for you at this time. sending love to you and your family, xx
Surrounding you with positive thoughts, and wishing all the best for you and for your family
Ireese, I can only imagine the emotions that you must be feeling, as well as how your mother must be feeling. No parent plans to out-live their child, especially a child that has been caring for them. I will pray for you and your mother that you have peace with the decision that are to come and that all of your days are filled with joy.
I'll send you prayers for your time to be as fulfilling as possible. The only advantage that people given a death sentence have is the time to live knowing their time is limited. Not to minimize your diagnosis, but hopefully to help you live as well as possible through this time, I'd like to share stories of four people I have had the pleasure to know. My aunt was given 4 months with liver cancer. She said she couldn't die before her g-g-grandchild was born - due in 6 months. She lived a fullfilled, happy 13 months with 3 g-g grandchildren. Her three sisters rotated coming from o-o-state to stay with her a month at a time. What a blessing for all of them. A close friend lived content knowing she was able to continue being with her grandchild long after the period she had been given. A young 34 year old friend has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer for over two years. It has metastasized several places; but she still is well enough to be an active part of her spouse & 3 daughter's lives. Many treatments have extended her life and she survives with a maintance dose of Chemo. My friend's husband has also had and entended period of survival with colon cancer. They have traveled and he continues to work on good days. May God bless you with fullfilling times and enjoyment with your family and friends. My heart and prayers are also with your mom.

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