Caregiver burnt out... Would love a friendly pick me up!

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Hey Kelly, I know the feeling well, how crispy are you? Can you get out for some respite?
We have been approved for services but the list is so long it could be a this point the brain is
This forum is a great place to come for some virtual respite, here are a couple of old threads that deserve to be revived and might help to perk up your day:
Hi Kelly,

I hear you. I found this cute little video, I hope it will give you a laugh. Sending love and hugs.

Hi Kelly!! Just a quick reminder that every day is a new day..sometimes as suckey as today,, but once in awhile it's better!! At least that's what I tell myself!! LOL
Hi Kelly it happens to everyone once in a while or everyday. The only thing to do is walk away evenif it is out in the yard on a sunny day or into your own room.
What is wrong with your Mom and how much care does she need?
If she is still competent enough to be left alone for a while get out and do "something, get your hair done, go to the park and feed the ducks. The ducks will be pleased to see you especially if you bring some bread.
If all else fails come on here and rant. It relieves a lot of tensions to be able to tell strangers who become friends what is happening in your life. no one here knows where we all live in detail so can't tell tales out of school on you.

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