I'm about to blow my top!

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UGH!!! Mom's up whimpering and whining because she has a hair appt at 12:15 today and doesn't want to go..If she didn't looked through my calendar she wouldn't have known about it.. So now it's panic attack time and I have no sympathy....BREATH...BREATH..


Cancel and Ignore ignore ignore. Let her look a wreck. You should see my MIL who won't let anyone touch her hair. And she's been wearing the same clothes for 3 weeks. I will soon throw them out. Let's do some deep breathing.......
Do what you always do give her a pill and a cup of coffee and go outside and pull some weeds. Keep your calendar away from her or write in code.
Does she need to go give her the choice either go or I will wash and cut it myself.
The sad part is , up until 2 months ago I worked at the salon part time she knows everyone there! She's been going to the same girl for 12 yrs...
I don't cut hair, I was the receptionist..It's perm day.. Her hair looks like a "fright wig"...

She's funny now, she keeps sneaking out of bed to listen for me then when I see her she shuffles back to bed whining a baby whine..!!
Sounds like there is some manipulation going on there, you describe it like a baby whine I think that is significant. I guess she will be going for that perm come hell or high water.
an ill old person probably has a lot bigger concerns than whether they look pretty or not. id let her do whatever she wants. i cut my own hair with a sharp butcher knife and shame on the sob who tries to tell me any differently.
Oh yes she is going! I think while she still has the mobility that her hygiene is important.. The weather is good today so that's not an excuse. We live in MA so the weather will be changing and she uses it to her advantage.

When the appt is over, all will be forgotten. She'll be on to something else!
Good for you. Yes, the complaints will be about something else tomorrow.
Oh Assanache, I feel your pain. My mom looked like hell and wouldn't leave her apt because she felt she looked so bad because her perm had grown out. I kept trimming it until it was straight as a stick. She kept saying over and over again she couldn't take another perm appt. I finally went against her wishes and scheduled one. I stayed with her the whole time and the woman who does her hair is fantastic. Mom was happy as a clam when it was all done. And so proud of herself that she looked good again. I never tell her ahead of time what is scheduled or she won't want to do it. I've learned through those tears and denials that I just have to do what is in her best interest and let her cry or whatever. Afterwards all is forgotten and she's happy with whatever she didn't want to do.
Hi A&A: I go through the same thing with my Mom on occasion, although she usually looks forward to her monthly hairdresser appt. A few times I trimmed her hair at the NH if she refused to leave for the day. She also has gotten into the habit of not changing her clothes. So rather than argue, I grab a clean outfit, and after her hair is all done, we talk her into changing into the clean clothes in the back room of the beauty parlor. Then we go out to lunch. She also has been very lax about changing her outfits in the NH and will wear the same thing week after week. She won't let the aides help her pick out or change clothes either. I have gotten the night nurse to remove the dirty clothes after she is asleep (but not every night) and toss them up into the top of closet where her suitcases are and she won't notice them. Next day she has to pick out something clean to wear. I have gotten to the point where I now have her down to two outfits left (two pants plus several extra tops). Now she is validly complaining that she doesn't have much left and I told her not to worry, I am bringing a bunch of clean clothes back to her next week. But I think it may be best to limit to two outfits as noted above. At least that way I can make sure she is rotating clothes every 2 weeks. So frustrating, but.....Necessity is the mother of invention!!

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