Just for some fun, what does your care receiver say to you over and over again that drives you up the wall?

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My mom has two main ones. Whenever I take her out to eat, when she finishes, she's "full as a tick." I get to hear that at least 5X before I get her home. The other thing is every time I take her out (she moved up here to the Chicago suburbs from central Illinois), she "can't get over the TREES up here." I think she thought she'd live in a concrete canyon instead of a suburb with lots of normal greenery.

So what does your loved ones repeat until you're ready to scream??? :)


I am in the kitchen cooking.....My MIL always says... Honey can I help you.....? 2 minutes later, Honey can I help you? Five minutes later, honey can I help you? My husband does not want me to cook so he doesn't have to hear his mother say....... you guessed it! Honey can I help you? Sooooooooo annoying because she can't help. The other main things she says is...... I must call my parents.......(She is 94) Or when are you going to take me home while she is sitting in her living room. if you don't take me home I'll call a cab! My husband says.... what address are you going to ask to go to?
What??? HUH????? What??? Say that again!!!! What???? HUH????
It also drives me crazy when she says "idea" She pronounces it "I dear".
I'm not telling you what to do... but if I were you
Where are the keys to 'that car'... and "when I get home I have to..(insert anything here) He doesn't drive and he's been here almost a year.. SMH
Mom lives with us and has for almost 2 years. She's always asking, "Is it ok if I stay here?" or "Do I live here?" It changes, though. Before that it was, "Where are my parents?" (Mom's 81 and they've been gone since 1983 and 1989.) And, although not as much as she used to, I get a lot of the "Is there anything I can do to help?" as well. Oh, the most recent is when she's finished eating, she says, "That was really good. Remember how you did that." I'm like, "Mom, I got the recipe from you years ago..."
"What day is it?"
"Huh? ... ... I don't know why I said huh because I heard you."
"I'm going to have to call Mr. X to tell him to finish the job on the house." (This job was finished two years ago.
"What day is it?"

Oh, I'm so mean. She can't help it, but I still get crazy.
Not mean at all Jess. Finding the humor in it really helps. Every time I mention anything to my brother about the Ear Dr. or her hearing aids he says...."WHAT????" and we both giggle like kids.
Can I have a McDonald's Frappé now?
I've been good can I have a Frappé?
Did you get me a Frappé?
Sometimes while she's drinking it!

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