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Sharon , myself , and a whole bunch of home care people are tending to aunt ednas needs so she can be safe and content in her IL apartment as opposed to being moved to AL . grandson Charles is living in ednas shack and planning to inherite it but not only wont visit edna but refused my bringing her by to see him. Charles is either going to get on board here or a whole bunch of frowning faces are going to turn their gaze in his direction. im the " unibomber " of lighting fires under peoples azzes. end of life care is a time to call in favors, threaten , blackmail , coerce, whatever it takes .


Light the fire, unhappy cappy.
W - HOOSH, lol
:) ... wow! did you see such a "W-HOOSH" in your life????
sharon is disgruntled with charles too she just needs more larceny in her heart. this is the kid who was going to stomp me. missed his chance , now hes fair game. ( dolt ) , im goen ta work while the big stones are still in a state of shock..
look captain, i know you're not a religious type, but i'll put in my two cents anyway. my understanding and belief is anyone who holds resentment, anger in his heart, doesn't forgive, and dies in this state, is destined to a whole lot worse than anything you can dish out. this kid is playing with fire a lot bigger than your blow torch and shoe bomb. if he won't listen to you, or you along with other people, i would send someone by the house who speaks the language of the wrath of God, it's your only hope. if it's any consolation, i also believe there's going to be a global warning, so to speak, in the not too distant future, in which everyone is told point blank where they stand. you might not even have to take care of business yourself, if you wait a couple years it'll all get sorted out for you. if he rejects that warning then it's truly a hopeless situation.
god owes me some havana cigars and i can hold a grudge a d*mn site longer than him. na, im not upset or hateful towards anyone. im trying to make my aunts final months or weeks pleasurable and it simply requires that everyone of her loved ones contribute. theyll contribute or ill bury them in the state forestry. i havent gotten past the old testament. ill put flesh eating locusts up your a**crack. ( for starters ) .
Dustoff, Captain does have some demons. He keeps them in check most of the time, but the Southeast Asian demons are easily aroused when idiot relatives infest a beloved aunt's home. In this case the demons will exorcise the squatters.
not interested in stirring the pot this evening, someone else will have to take the heat; it's Divine Mercy week. i had a lovely day, beginning with Sacrament of Reconciliation with my favorite priest, a gentle old Irish man who has been instrumental in my conversion process, he heard my very first confession in 2010. that was followed my a lovely service, he gave the homily, which was absolutely spot on, a children's choir does all the singing at the adult service now, apparently due to lack of interest. there are so many demon infested adults roaming the world these days seeking the ruin of souls... Jesus told me to treat them as a contagious disease and put them all on my prayer list.
if you and jesus talk much, please tell him i want the cigars . a deal is a deal. im gonna slap the halo right off his head if he keeps jerking me around. effeminate little tw*t ..
Wow.. this is not gonna be pretty! Glad I'm lutheran and we are laid back.LOL Light the fire and kick the tires captain! If this kid thinks he is getting off scot free he has another think coming I fear! My parents have done alot for my wonderful daughter and Us.. and we pay it back. That is how it goes..Karma my friends...

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