Cancer sucks, not a question, just a comment.

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My former husband's step-mother went in for a 4-5 hour surgery to have a cancerous kidney removed on Monday. It is her third bought of cancer. 10+ hours later, she come out of surgery with a Stoma, one kidney and no bowel. The next morning she could not move her arm. She thought perhaps due to being immobile for so many hours in the surgery. Nope, they discovered she had a stroke, possibly during the surgery. She is a wonderful woman who has been part of my family for 26 years. I am no longer married to her step-son, but do keep in touch with her and my former FIL. I am really glad I was able to take my kids to see them last June. They are in the UK and we are in Canada. I may go for a quick visit next month when I am in Europe.


How horrible, Tothill! Yes, cancer is awful, merciless. I am so sorry she and her extended family and all who care about her are suffering in this way.
I'm in Canada too Tothill. Whereabouts in Canada are you?

And yes, cancer does indeed suck. I lost my Dad to pancreatic cancer when I was just four and at the same time, my Mom was getting a mastectomy. At the time we thought we were going to lose both of them as I was told later in life.

I'm sorry for your former M I L. I wish you and she the very best for the future.
Yes it does. Just taking a few minutes to make a phone call, mail a card, or send an email means so much when when you are the one going through cancer and various treatments. We tend to feel invisible and alone and it seems people disappear because they don't what what to say or do. Please remain in contact and make that visit in person if you travel there. It seems as though you have a lovely relationship and it is probably quite a blessing to all involved.
I would certainly agree - cancer is a devastating disease. I've often wondered if it's primarily a post-industrial age disease or if it existed before that period.

I'm so sorry to learn of your family's challenges; I think a visit would be a wonderful way to show your support and concern.

Best of wishes for a successful healing and adaptive methods for this burdened woman to move forward with her life.
Oh my....that's so sad. I do feel for her, you, the family.....I hate cancer so much. It seems to be relentless at times, hurting those we love and who are such good people. It's heartbreaking really.
With cancer, even in emission, one is always looking over their shoulder :(

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