Snowbound on Christmas Eve and I can't see my mother.

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How do I explain to mom that we can't be together tommorow, we are all finally in the same town but a blizzard is keeping us from being together. I miss her terribly on Christmas Eve.


im sure your mom will know its bad out and that u will come and see her when the weather clears up .
just have to call her and talk to her on the phone instead ofriskin ur life out about in the storms . cold , freezing .
my mil lives an hr away from us , i m notriskin my life to drive on slick roads ,
she be glad u called instead ...
Looks like we are really stuck here for the weekend. Another 12-15 inches on top of the 10 inches we already have from yesterday and 0 visibility outside. Lots of wind here in North Dakota and nothing to stop it. Fortunately the telephones are working, nothing to keep us from calling each other.
did u call your mom yet and explain itto her ? hope she understands it and didnt get upset about it .
hope it clears up real soon . best thing is to snuggle safely at home ,,
sorry for you all .
it looks like it might be heading toward indiana . i like snow but not bad ones .
happy holiday to you ...
Yes, she understands, we called several times yesterday, and already once today. We are still inside today, -30 wind chill here now and the snow is still coming down and blowing. Three snow drifts on front driveway as high as the car parked out there. We will have to borrow the neighbor's snowblower to get out of here tomorow or Monday. The police say no one can go out today except emergency vehicles and all the highways are closed. Fortunately everybody is on vacation in our house this week so nobody needs to get to work. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

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