Calling Mom with dementia in residential home everyday.

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Hi all, I call my mother every day that I am unable to go and see her. I do not have a car but I do get up to see her at least once a week, more weather permitting since I do ride my bike up, or take a cab, but I do call everyday. She is wanting to talk less and less on the phone and was wondering if this means she is getting more accepting of her new home. She is always happy to hear from me, but of course forgets that I called. I am hoping it is a sign that she is adjusting better than she has been. Thanks for input.

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It could be that she's more accepting as you wondered. I used to call my dad everyday when he was in the NH and I think he actually got bored with my calls! I visited regularly but my obligatory 10 min. call everyday was just boring to him. I didn't take it personally because I know I offer sparkling conversation and a sharp wit.

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