I had to do it. I called the police on my not so pleasant, always yelling obscenities, neighbor.

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I had to do it. I called the police on my not so pleasant, always yelling obscenities, neighbor. The guy is not acclimatized to a female standing up to him. His wife recently died and everyone in the neighbor tried to be supportive and he got worse with his yelling. The last 4 years, his personality has changed from nice to crabby and yelling. I don't know if it is Alzheimer's or dementia or what. The police told him to not interact with me and just stay the heck away. I worked in the medical field for 30 plus years and have run into older guys who think women are good for one thing and one thing only. Not this lady, I was not raised that way. I am not confrontational just stands up for myself. Any suggestions folks would be greatly appreciated.


Many people don't realize this, but such behavior in a elder can be caused by a simple urinary tract infection [UTI] that can be corrected with antibodies.

Some elder men are of the old school when it has to do with women, but it could also be in his case that his wife had been ill those past 4 years and he knew her time would come eventually. So he had lost the love of his life, and he is down right angry over that. This is not how they planned out their retirement.

Do any of the neighbors know if this couple had any children? If yes, any way to get in touch with them?
Sometimes there are mental health issues that we are not aware of. I hope that the police report the man to see if there could be a followup. He may need support from family or the community. He could be mentally ill, suffer with dementia or have a substance abuse problem. There are usually services that might help him.

I would remain cautious though. People who are acting out could be dangerous. I'd be more concerned with my safety than making a point.
Former police officer here and former courtroom employee.

Call every time he is acting out. Eventually he will either be taken in for a psych hold or he will be charged criminally with some sort of nuisance complaint. The criminal charge should trigger some sort of court mandated mental health examination.

Also, call adult protective services and report a vulnerable adult living alone. They may need to intervene for his safety.

And, go to Google and see if you can find any family. Try Spokeo.com or zabasearch.com to see if you can find a relative. If you do, let them know what is going on.
Do you see family visit? Maybe u can take one of them aside and tell them what is going on. Loss of a spouse can do something to the surviving spouse.
What seems to set him off? We have crazy neighbors across the back field, and you never know who or what is going to set her off...LOL But if he is just coming out and being rude,, phone it in. I'd also be a bit worried.

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