Cafes come by a number of names, Memory Cafes, Alzheimer's Cafes, Dementia Cafes.

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Awhile ago I started a new project to pull together a group specific to discussing daycare at night. The group will provide the answers. website: //tinyurl/c8lztbs provides a venue for Discussions and networking for individuals and organizations providing or thinking about adult day-care activities during evening Alzheimer's DayCare at
Night {evening activities}.

It takes just one person to encourage setting up a community program for those with dementia.

See if there's a local Evening-Daycare or daycare-at-night program in your area. Feel free to contact Alzheimer's Association 24/7
Helplineto tel: 1.800.272.3900 e-mail: find out more. If there's no chapter near you, consider starting one!

If you offer a assisted living facility, senior services, day-care, caregivers, senior center, or area agency why not set up a Evening-Daycare or daycare-at-night program for those with dementia.or an Alzheimer's Cafe.

Alzheimer's Day Care at Night blog provides a guide to establishing Evening-Daycare.

ALZ, Cafes come by a number of names, Memory Cafes, Alzheimer's Cafes, Dementia Cafes. In the UK many have been in existence for years.

Currently the concept is gaining momentum and hundreds of memory cafes sprouting up everywhere.

The concept is to provide a social occasion, a meetup, for anyone with dementia / Alzheimer's, their care givers and family. They are informal and generally free. Activities vary.

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