Burning out caring for ungrateful mother.

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I care for my 92 yr old ungrateful mother. My husband is s saint . Nothing makes her happy. Says she needs no help . Moved her in with us 3 yrs ago. Has dimentia/Alzheimer's . Very negative and am getting very burned out . I have read all these stories and mine is no different than most. !!!!!


Your solution is the same as others. You move her to the appropriate care facility. She will be given the proper medications there to ameliorate her mood swings. Don't accept any guilt card she plays.
This is a great place to vent about what is going on with you, MaryTheresa. Many of us know how you feel. We want everyone to be happy, but the negativity wears heavy on us. I feel like I'm toting a heavy sack of gravel uphill every day. Tell us a little about your mother. It may make you feel better to be able to vent about it.
I have been a caregiver for 38 years total....my dad first with Parkinson's. He was an easy patient. I took in my best friend of 42 ywars for the last three months of her fight against breast cancer. Both died in this house. For the last 18 years ive cared for my mom. She has reached the stage of dementia that the only thing in her world is her needs.....actually been in yhis stage for many years. The alien in my mothers body is not the woman who raised me. I dont like this alien. Ive been mourning the loss of my mom for a long time now. I'm stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and very tired. Im beyond burnout. There is no end in sight....i need to be free. Thanks for letting me vent.
Chris, you must have a heart as big as the world. I know that you're waiting for something to happen. Maybe it will soon and you'll be able to find a good place for your mother so you can have a little of your life back.

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