I have a sister who lives in FL. My brother-in-law is forcing mother to take over affairs but I live close to mom she ask me to do the papers.

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I have a sister and brother in law that my mother is afraid of and they are forcing and did sign paper for her affairs, but I live close by and she calls me to do her medical papers, medication, bank statements, etc. When I mention their name to my mother she blows up like some one rape her. When I say they are controlling your estate not me.Let them handle your personal matters dont call me who lives close by. She is guilty. What do I do?


Just what you are doing. Explain to mother that she has asigned power of attorney to your sister. If she would rather have you do it (and you are willing) then she should assign you. You cannot act on her behalf without her written authority, in the form of of POA documents. Does she want you to have that power? If so, draw up new documents. If not, please call sister when these things need to be done.
The only logical reason someone would 'force' or 'trick' an older person into taking over their money, is to steal from them in my opinion.
u are so right. they are and she does not see it. qt he is doing her taxes. she refuse for me her daughter to see it. she believes my brother in law does not tell my sister how much money my mother has. when I tell my mother my sister knows she tells me impossible. I know they are stealing I have the proof. My mother does not believe it. I have to protest when my mother pass on. My sister is loaded with money. The money comes falling out all over her. Meaning she does not count money. She buys without looking for a price.
She must be running out. Debt up to eyeballs I'm sure. They must be desperate. Can you demand to see the records? I'm POA for my mom and expect that if my sibs asked I would turn over records to show what I've been doing. It seems to me that the law would require it. I don't know though.
Hyundai, is mom suffering from dementia? Is she competant to make her own decisions? I've heard others suggest a lawyer specializing in age issues. You may need to get POA by legal means. You will also need to talk to the lawyer about the situation with your sister/brother in law. You need to protect your mom if you can. I hope it isn't too late.
If your mom is able to make her own decisions you may just have to make her work with your sister and bow out. She would then have to live with her decision.
Either your mother gives you power to act on her behalf, or she doesn't. If she has given that power to someone else, you have no business handling her affairs. When she asks you to, tell her politely that you cannot.

Continue to love your mother, visit her, care for her. But stay out of her financial and medical affairs if authority to handle those things has not been given to you. If your sister and brother-in-law are cheating her, you don't want your name mixed up with it, do you?

If you have "proof" that your mother is being cheated, present it to adult protection services. But be prepared for them to say their hands are tied if Mother defends them and claims she is satisifed with how they handle things.

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