I broke the first and most important rule of caregiving today.

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LOOK before you sit on the toilet seat!!!!!


Bonichak you can never let your guard down! I had a nice hot bath and went for a wee and had to shower again after I wasnt disgusted I was annoyed that I got caught out again!!!!!!!
Oh noooooooo!!! A Halloween surprise for you. So sorry!! :(
It's ok Blannie. I am using it as an excuse to eat the leftover Kit Kats. Punishment THEN reward. LOL
I think I'll eat my Reese's Peanut Butter cups in solidarity with you BoniChak. :)
Yuk....tough day, sorry but it did make me laugh.
Enjoy your treats, you have already had your trick.
Thanks, guys. I appreciate the laughs. And I know first-hand what you're talking about. Anything my mother touches goes right in with the dirty dishes or laundry. I know where those hands have been. Some days it's a toss-up between laughing and crying and I'd much rather laugh.
Yep my poor mum wanted to cook my brothers fav dinner he insisted I cook it!!! When he was here he asked everytime he picked up any food "is it safe". I seem to spend my day following mum around with a pair of rubber gloves and THANK GOD for BLEACH!! One day we will look back and LAUGH? at all this!!!!!!!!!!! GULP!
Oh Kazaa, you made me laugh with, "Is it safe"? I love that!!!
Oh yes Blannie thankgod we all have a sense of humour! I let my guard down the other day my friend A MALE came for coffee normally and almost automatically I go and check the downstairs loo as I was walking towards the kitchen my friend went into the toilet unknown to me when I turned round and realised he was in the loo already I panicked then thought well I cleaned it earlier so maybe its ok. Anyway much to my total embarrasment i checked after and hed actually walked in POO! god love him he said nothing? what do you say? lucky he nursed his own mum with cancer when he was just eighteen so im sure he understands?
I just hope they dont think its me!! Yep dementia affects all even guests!

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