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My family member is there and the place looks very nice. The reason for my comment here is that a staff person told me that management there expects staff to give 70% care to the residents. I am not sure how that is calculated, but the last time I checked with other family members, 100% of the bill was paid. Another strange comment was that the Director of Nursing is not listed as part of the management team on their web site and the reason for that is because she is a convicted felon. These are serious concerns from the people I know and trust the most there - the staff. I will be researching these remarks and will forward info to this post as I can. My older family member is important to me and is loved by our family so safety and honesty are big issues.


It looks to me as though this is a continuing care community, with services from Independent Living to Skilled Nursing Care. If your elder is in Assisted Living, is it possible that the comment meant " we need to encourage elders to do as much as they can for themselves"?

As for the DON being a convicted felon, I have to assume he/she did their time, were rehabilitated and and have gone on to lead a productive life. And there are all kinds of crimes that are felonies that do not include violence or behaviors that would put residents at risk.
If you are concerned about this facility there is a reporting mechanism in my state through the State Health Department. Also you could check with the Agency on Aging and request a visit from their staff. Medicare also has a site to report strange goings on.

Also in my state a felon is not able to obtain the necessary licensing to be listed as part of a care team. Perhaps that is why DN is not listed? There is very good reason for that requirement. Too many of the elderly are too vulnerable.
Ask the local police if they can provide information on the nature of the DON's conviction, and if they can't, how you can find out what the charge was. If it was fraud or something like that, my red flags would be flying highly and sounding warnings.

I also think you're entitled to ask the Administrator about this issue.
Just thinking, though....maybe the staff seems to have real insight into the DON's background, but I certainly wouldn't make any accusations without finding out the truth. Maybe some of the staff doesn't like her and are being nasty without realizing what a vicious falsehood that could be.
This is your first post, so people here know nothing about you. I'm not really comfortable with a facility being slammed by an unknown user in cyberland. We need more official documentation than that.
Very good point, Jessie. My afterthought and second post reflected a belated concern as well. We don't know anything about this woman or whether or not the charges are true, but we do know the name of the facility. It wouldn't be hard to learn the DoN's name. If she didn't have a rap sheet and the charges were false, she has basis to consider a libel suit against the OP.
I just checked a bit on their ratings. They are rated between 4 and 5 out of 5 stars on three different rating pages. I am used to seeing places averaging a 3 in my area, so the St. Charles facility sounds very good to me.

And so what if they hire a felon... unless the crime was an irresistible urge to hurt and kill people. I doubt that.
If she was a felon like Martha Stewart, that would be a whole different story. A DON who might have been involved in something insider trading wouldn't I would think be a risk to patients, unless she dips into their money to play the market.

You're right, Jessie, it really depends on the crime. More information needs to be obtained on this issue, as well as validation of the reports by the staff.
It also occurred to me that the fact she's not listed as a member of the management team might be another reason entirely: she might be a contract employee, on a temporary basis pending hiring of someone permanently. Or she might be a contract employee because it's a better financial and time commitment arrangement for her. And it might be financially advantageous for the facility to have a contract employee.

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