I need to know about breathing problems of elders.

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My 80 yo father awake many times during nights asking for oxygen while there is no apparent sign of difficult breathing .. but he always grunt .... I do not know if he is really in medical problem ... or it is manifestation of depression.


What does his doctor say about this? Could be some sort of heart problem that only a physician can diagnose. I would do this soon and be on the safe side. Take care.
Mom mother had difficulty breathing that was caused by COPD.

If you are not sure whether or not this is a physical issue or a depression issue the only way to find out is through a medical diagnosis.

Does your father snore?

This should be discussed with his doctor.
When I brought my mom home with me she started this grunting thing too. Whenever she would walk she would do it. uh uh uh uh uh ...it was the alarm clock I woke up to ( with a monitor at her bed). She had Dementia and it was a progressive form. The doctors put her on a low dose lorazepam .5mg and it helped. She went through the sundowning period at night..we had the delusions that she woke up to scared. Thought there were little boys in her closet. The reason I am telling you this is...Do you think your dad could have dementia? Is there anyway you could have him evaluated for Hospice. I would talk to his doctor and see if he could send someone out for an evaluation. At the very least maybe the doctor could get him on a anti depressant or low dose lorazepam. I sure hope you get something to help.

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