Bowel incontinence continued...


Continuation of previous unfisnished post: Today she had no urges and messed her nighttime diaper. Is this a sign of progression of dementia? Or just maybe something not agreeing with her? She usually can make it to bathroom in time. Lack of.sensation has me concerned, as this is one area I will not be able to handle if it is going to continue.

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Pasta DISH not fish....gotta love auto-correct!

My mom struggled with some of this, but she had no dementia. She just loved to eat! There was not a lot going on in her life, except talking on phone, doing laundry (somewhat obsessively), television, listening to classical recordings (sometimes conducting them), crocheting during all of this, and more eating. Of course her appetite for gourmet cheese, pastrami sandwiches, any type of pasta fish (hot or cold) finished with a wonderful glass of wine (starting with lunch) didn't help. I'm fairly certain that many bowel incontinence issues are due to dietary issues. Plus, if something is 93 yrs old and suffered thru 6 pregnancies it might not be quite as good as "new."

I think at this stage you will just have to wait and see. Dementia causes incontinence, but so do a host of other issues. The lack of sensation makes me think it will continue, but who knows?
One thing you may find helpful is to have her on a bowel schedule; sit her on the toilet for at least 5 minutes (guidelines say 10) after meals and whenever she usually goes. It may not be continence exactly, but if you can form a new bowel habit it will save you a lot of frustration.