Book suggestion: "Some Deaths Before Dying" by Peter Dickinson

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This is an old book (1999) but it is a classic still available. Readers on both Amazon and GoodReads rate it 4+ (out of 5). It is an English mystery, and I'm recommending it to mystery fans who also happen to be caregivers.

The main character is a 90 yo woman, nearly paralyzed, bedridden, but with a sharp mind. Before her death she wants to solve the mystery of other deaths in the past. She has her scrapbooks of many years of photography and a kind nurse to help her in this task.

This is not a book about caregiving, but I found the viewpoint of an invalid very interesting. Maybe you would, too, if you are a mystery reader looking for something a little different.


Oh, mystery! Now that is more to my taste. Let me see if I can find one that's cheap.
Found one - very good condition - in Amazon. $4.00 inclusive of shipping. Unfortunately, if mailed by media mail, it can take up to a month to reach here. All well, since I was going to buy this book, I might as well buy that other book in my wish list since it's also just $0.01 + shipping....
I see this is available from my library download centre, I'll have to add it to my wish list. Bookluvr, don't you have access to ebooks through your library? I can't imagine actually BUYING books when so many are available for free, and you don't have to deal with all the used books cluttering up your house LOL!
cwillie, books DO NOT clutter up a house! :D (But the library is great!)
Our library as the real physical kind? Their real books are very outdated. I used to purposely buy hardcover books in all genre - just so that I can donate it to the library. Those books were expensive. I quit buying it when twice I brought a stack of hardcover books and they no longer thanked me for it. At least say 'thank you.'

Tomorrow, I will see if they have ebooks.
Sorry, Jeanne, I had to order mine off island. It still hasn't come in yet. And i checked my library's website. No ebook-capability yet. I'm almost done with my current mystery haunted book. I hope the book comes in time before I start on another new book. I've decided to take turns reading fantasy books (mysteries) and then dementia books (done reading Elder Rage.) My next book to read is by Mary Summer Rain: Love Never Sleeps, Living at Home with Alzheimer's.
Jeanne, Thanks for the recommendation! I just read it, fascinated by Rachel's point of view. I'm so happy to find another English mystery writer who wrote lots of books!
I just finished Rachel's story. I couldn't help it as she described her children and their reaction to their father's stroke. Reminds me so much of what we read here on AC with other caregivers. The one who stayed to help the parents was the dutiful daughter - the one who was Not the favorite of either parents. Ring a bell, anyone? And the son reminds me soooo much of the siblings whom we read here on AC who was never around, but now wants something of value -claiming that the father meant it for him. I was a bit confused about the guns. Had to reread it several times to understand it. Now, I'm left hanging in suspense while I now read Jenny's story.
Buying it now thanks
Jenny's story. My immediate reaction to her is dislike. But as one continues to read her story, you see glimpses of the dysfunction of her childhood. It's funny how she talks about her different personalities which I can relate to. I just call mine my "other me, the protector". If my theory is correct, I'm so disgusted with her mother. One has to read between the lines. I'm not very good at that. So her story has been going around in my head since reading it. If my curiosity is not quenched by the end of the book, I'm going to ask of your impressions...I've already started reading Dilys' story.

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