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At the suggestion of ba8alou, I'm trying out the idea of an online book discussion on AgingCare. The first book I selected was "The Goldfinch." It is a long book, fiction, (Nobel Prize winner) and not yet available in paperback in the US.

I thought it might be good to also try something a little shorter, nonfiction, and readily available. In this book a journalist goes undercover to find out what living on minimum wage jobs is like.

1) The book is "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America" by Barbara Ehrenreich. It is nonfiction, but it does NOT read like a textbook!
2) It is available in paperback, hardcover, kindle, and audio. Most libraries should have it. You may also find in it your friendly neighborhood used book store.
3) The discussion date is September 22. That should give many of us time to find the book and read it. This means that comments about the book can be added to this thread ON OR AFTER September 22.
4) If you don't finish the book by that date, no problem. When you do finish it, even months from now, pull up this thread, read what others have said, and add your thoughts.
5) Anyone can read the comments anytime, but if you haven't finished it yet and intend to, be aware of the "spoiler" factor. Those who have finished the book may reveal details that you'd rather not know until you come to them in the book.

I ask that the only comments posted now are about the book club idea, but not about the content of the book. Save that until the discussion opens on Sept 22.


Okay, I checked Amazon. This book is not as thick as that other book. I don't care if it had hit the Best Sellers, there's no way I was going to read a fat book. (I took one look at the Twilight book and just absolutely refused to read it.) This book is normal size. I will need to order it in Ebay. Being so far from the USA, I'm not sure how long that book will get here, maybe 4-8 weeks (Ebay/Amazon sellers tend to send it by ship). It'll come when it comes. I have no desire to pay for any books over $6 (except for my favorite authors). But before I order it, I will check our library. We don't have a used bookstore.

I've never joined a book club so I don't know how this thing goes....
Sounds good. Will check my e library.
Read the book and concluded that to me, the author is a liberal activist and in the overall sense, a whiner....Your opinion may vary.
OldBob1936, be sure to come back with your opinions about the book when we start discussing it. Book discussions work best when there are a lot of different perspectives represented.
Read it years ago, but worth reading it again :)
I read it a few years ago and really enjoyed it. (Kind of depressing, too, but very interesting.)
It is so hard to refrain from commenting when you are familiar with the book. My friend read it as part of her classwork in the process of getting her second BA just a few years ago. She liked it and found it worth talking about.
I am looking forward to reading this as I am very interested in how people do or don't cope with poverty and how more education in basic skills could really help. I bet the Capt for example always finds a way to satisfy his needs! (Keep it clean Bob this is a family show) i went on Amazon and found lots of used copies for 1 cent and up. Shipping in the US is usually $3.99 for used books but it is a good way to buy. Looking forward to the discussion Jeannie
Jeannie, what a wonderful idea! I love to read and look forward to reading , and learning, something new and enlightening myself a bit. Thanks
Is anyone currently reading this book, in preparation for discussion?

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