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Does anyone else here have time to read books? I don't have time for a formal book club, but I'd love to be able to discuss books online here with fellow caregivers. I'm in the middle of The Goldfinch, am also reading Wicked, 1491 and am open to reading anything else. Let me know.


Hi ba8alou- I think you have a great idea! I haven't had time really in years, but as I mentioned in my post, its time to make some "me time" so, I will be the first to join if you will have me!! I used to read all those Harlequin Romance Novels and Mysteries.

I'm not sure which one yet, I need to pick one when I get off the computer. I have never been in a book club before, are we suppose to read the same books the same time?

Yup, we pick a book and set a time frame and read it; set a date for discussion to start and end, I would think. Or we could just do it as an ongoing thing. Just so you know, I read books from the library (I only buy stuff I need for work as ongoing reference stuff), so I'm not like going out and buying the latest stuff to flaunt. I picked up The Goldfinch at the library the other day; it's a really good read. I've read her other books, which were quite enjoyable. I find that the author's description of the main character's ongoing reactions to what has happened to him (he seems to have PTSD from an event I won't disclose) ring true for those of us who are in an ongoing "war zone" of sorts. I guess what I want to say is that i'm finding reading this somewhat therapeutic.
Oo! How are you liking the Goldfinch? I'm trying to stick to a self-imposed ban on buying books (they breed and we haven't got room) but on the other hand it is my birthday soon.. :)

Already going off topic, but vis a vis dysfunctional families I did at last catch "Up In The Air" last night and thought of us all, sigh.

A book club is a nice idea, I'll join! Also, as a quicker fix, what about "Desert Island" book lists - the eight books you'd like washed up with you if you ever got shipwrecked?
My monthly bookclub meeting is the one thing I continued through all 10 years of my caregiving journey. I think I've belonged about 15 years now.

I wonder how an online book discussion would work.
Online, I think would be tough, but no pressure. I have Goldfinch, it must have bred because I had forgotten all about it and naturally haven't read it yet. Maybe book club would get me motivated. I did read Donna Tartt's other one, hmmm, let's see Secret History. It took me forever!
Anyone into Malcolm Gladwell? I finished Blink and am into The Tipping Point now. Blink was a recommendation from my oldest son. When I first developed fibromyalgia over 20 yrs ago, I lost the ability to read anything but work related stuff. It was hard wired by then I suppose. I was just getting back to reading when Gordie died and I lost it for another nearly 10 years. However, I am starting to read again thankfully. One of my first ones was "When the Body Says No" by Dr. Gabor Maté.
Maybe we don't need a book club per second. Maybe we could just have a thread where discuss books we enjoy and recommend.
Sorry, my chosen books to read are all fantasies, light-hearted romance books with humor, same applies for murder-mysteries. Between stress from full time job and then caregiving when I'm not working, I need a book that takes me away from murder, rape, heads flying and blood spurting, etc.... You know, like that commercial, "Calgon, take me away!"

I'm currently reading a paperback book by Ashlyn Chase: The Vampire Next Door, book 3. I giggle on some places, and do Lots of skipping on the romance scenes (which sometimes takes several pages.) ... I ordered several of her books before even trying a book first. Found out that I don't really care for her books. But, I'm now on book 3 and have 3 more of her books to go.

On the Kindle, I'm still reading:
1. Donna Alward: Hired by the Cowboy - freebie romance
2. Stephanie Bond: Three Wishes (boring me endlessly)
I love murder mysteries, especially Sue Grafton and Dock Francis. My favorite Dick Francis is Proof, which is all about single malt scotch. Another great stress buster, in moderation of course.
I think I read only 1 book of the Dick Francis series. Is this the one that has to do with murder/mystery regarding racehorses? Not my cup of tea. So, I never bought another book on that series. Sue Grafton - I was never motivated or curious to read her books (the alphabet series.)

I liked several of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. It was sooo funny - the first 5 books. After that, it got soooo irritating. One would think after book 5 that both Stephanie and her sidekick would have Improved. But it was same-old same-old story. I kept buying her books but would skip-read throughout the story - starting on book 11? After book 18, I quit buying her books. I was fed up that both female characters Never Grew or Improved work-wise. Their personalities were definitely irritating me by then. Time to stop buying her books.

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