So stressed out my body hurts everyday. I have been taking IBU but it has stopped working. I am thinking about going to te Doctors..Help!!!!.

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You are exactly right -- go to the doctor. Tell them what is going on and ask for referrals to home health care for some assistance with your Dad; see if you can find a care givers support group (often free or no cost) so you can be helped by, and offer help (when you are able) to others. It will allow to feel part of a community and less alone.

I'm not sure what "IBU" is that you are taking. I'm wondering if its ibuprofen? Sometimes, when people take a bunch of that over a long period of time, they get a sort of re-bound impact which can cause headaches and body aches. So be sure to tell the doc about this (even if my guess that IBU is ibuprofen is wrong).

You've taken a hard step: saying you need help. GETTING help can't ever happen without that step first. You're halfway there! We are cheering you forward.
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JaneB has it right. See your doctor. The stress of caregiving can make nearly any caregiver feel close to the "edge" on occasion, but if that feeling is a way of life, you need more support. Please try the National Family Caregiver Support Program in your state (you'll find it on your state website under "aging", most likely). You also may want to consider counseling to help you cope with all that you have on your plate.
Take care of yourself,
Thank you!! And yes it is Ibuprofen..He is in Hospices.. But doing it by my shelf.. My Daughter helps when she can. But no other family help .They just give me trouble.... I'm on FMLA.. been out of work for about 2 weeks now.. Don't know weather to go back or not... Ugggg Thanks for your Help!!
I so agree with Carol and Jane about going to the doctor and finding a support group. Also, if you can work exercise into your schedule - also yoga and some form of meditation. I know it's difficult to do and I'm guilty of not doing enough of these stress relievers. I also had resisted finding a support group - but when I did; it saved my sanity. Elder Services in your town might be a great place to start. I can't say enough about the trained professionals provided by this agency. And there is no cost.

It's a hard road going it alone; but as Carol said we are cheering you on. Will keep you in my prayers. Feel better and take care.


Thank you 3pinkroses. And you too Carol.. Maybe I will try ..... Don't even want to get out of bed...
livingontheedge, I hope you will make the effort and take the time to see a doctor. This is a very stressful time for you, and seeing your father with advanced cancer has got to hurt emotionally. You do need some help. Can Hospice come to your home?

Keep in mind that your physical pain may have other causes instead of or in addition to your caregiving burden. It is very important that the doctor you see knows about your caregiving, and also that you get the same thorough evaluation that you would get if you weren't doing caregiving. I say this because I once had a doctor conclude that all my symptoms were the result of caregiving, until I finally got myself to an ER and they diagnosed and treated a physical ailment.

Please seek medical help for yourself, sooner rather than later.
I have Fibromyalgia & have pain & fatigue like you are describing. You can find more info on Fibromyalgia on the internet. But just the stress of being a caregiver can also cause these problems. I agree, a trip to the doctor is needed. I'm sorry you are hurting. Good luck & keep us posted.

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