Big news! Finally got folks into care!!

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I’ve been on the forum for awhile. What I have learned here was a great help getting me through this. Quick rundow:

I’m 63 yr old guy, last living kid

Been managing money, medical, the whole sinking ship for 5 years from 3 states away.

Mom with health/mobility issues

Dad with dementia which started increasing rapidly in the last few weeks.

Been dealing with all the nightmares, worries and problems so familiar to us all

Last week the big crisis, mom fell, head injury, Em room, then to hosp for testing and observation.

She was found by my cousin, a nurse, who just happen to stop by from out of state. There was blood all over the floor and her bed. Mom and dad were just going to tough it out. I JUST NEED TO REST A LITTLE. I had just been on the phone with mom an hour before she fell.

Jumped in car, 10 hour drive, had to get friends and neighbors to watch Dad till I got here.

Been running my ass off since, begging and paying people to watch Dad,

got mom in wonderful facility Tuesday

Took Dad to have lunch with mom today. Put another bed and his stuff in the room while they were eating.

When I left she was dozing in bed and dad asleep in his chair.

We are playing the JUST TILL MOM GETS BETTER game for now. I know I’ve still got some rough stuff ahead but this is huge! The staff in this place is amazing.

I cannot describe my relief.

Thanks to all you folks for listening to my tales of woe the last couple years.


Merry Christmas Windy!
Big relief!
Sorry about Mom's fall, but safer now.
I like it when the couple get to stay together.
Windyridge, Congratulations on your great news! I'm so happy that you have gotten so much accomplished. I've been there and it was like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. I could finally get a good night's sleep without constant worry and anxiety. I'm sorry that your mom was injured, but, it sounds like she's recovering and in a good place. I hope that it's good fit and things work out splendidly.
Thanks for sharing - it is good to hear when people are able to get the help they ned. That is so huge - and to be to accomplish it so quickly is impressive. You must be exhausted, but so relieved!!!! My Mom moved into AL yesterday. It was much less dramatic, but even so as the staff there swept in to help (they are great) it was like a huge burden lifted.
Dear Windyridge,

Good for you. I'm so glad you got your mom and dad settled into a good place. It is a relief. I hope you can start to take some time for yourself now.
Wow Windy, I'm sorry for your poor mom but thrilled for you!! We can only hope they both decide they like the place and astonish you by asking to stay!!
Windy; I'm SO glad that your mom is pretty okay! And glad that your parents are now under watchful eyes. Believe, there will still be plenty to do!
This sounds like a really promising new start, and a very good catch by your cousin! Fingers crossed your parents will quickly find that in truth there's a lot to be said for being somewhere hassle free and safe - and with a much happier son :)
This will be dads first night. The staff is really great and I think they can handle him. He’s really just in the moment now and you can divert him fairly well. 

They are eating like starving lumberjacks! I see mom on a diet pretty soon. But they haven’t had real food in years and were living on cereal and little Debbie’s. The micro was getting too hard for them.

And the staff has them sitting with 2 sweet little demented ladies. The conversations between these gals and my dad are something to behold.

Thank you all for the kind words. I’m back in the house now with a nice beverage and the heat turned down from 80 to 68. Heaven.
Windy, I’m so happy for you and your parents. Yes, I think with the regular real meals and new friends, they will like this place. They’ll still miss home but hopefully these new friends can overcome their homesickness. Kudos to you and your cousin!
Windy, I am so happy for you and your mom and dad. And I love the story about them talking to the little demented ladies. We could all write books about our adventures in caregiving, right? Enjoy your adult beverage and the sub-tropical temperature in the house tonight. Please keep us posted on how you and your folks are doing - it's a bright spot for us!

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