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Bidets although common in Europe as standard bathroom equipment are a matter of great hilarity in the USA.
My husband recently asked about the cost and availability as he is incontinent of urine after a prostatectomy and an intestinal disorder that causes frequent diarrhea.
When my research began I was thinking of a freestanding unit that would take up as much room as a standard toilet and require hot and cold plumbing.
To my surprise technology has advanced and it is possible to buy a unit that fits any toilet with minimal plumbing. In fact the manufacturers say this is an easy do it yourself job as long as you have a GFI protected electrical outset nearby.
There are really cheap ones for about $300 but use only cold water. For something really satisfactory expect to pay around $1,500 For this price you will get the unit which replaces the toilet seat, an integral heater front and back sprays and a warm air dryer. There is either a remote or attached control panel and a safety feature that prevents operation unless someone is sitting on the seat. For myself I would choose the remote because it is difficult to turn around to reach the controls. It sounds like an expensive luxury and of course it is but imagine the convenience of a male relative being able to take a female to the bathroom and avoid the embarrassment of the clean up process. How about a night out ladies while hubby watches grandma? The toilet continues to be used normally by everyone else if they don't want a nice warm wash. if you do a web search you will come up with products from major manufacturers and of course the home improvement stores will be able to order for you as will your plumber.


Yes I want one, but the big expense is running hot water and adding the outlet by the toilet. ebay and alibaba has them, good luck reading the instructions.
Hand held sprayers may work well but I don't want cold water on my nether regions!
Portable ones are easy to install and do not cost a lot. Check out Amazon and read the reviews. They do a nice job and some can be preset so you don't get squirted with cold water :0) Just don't push the button with your head over the toilet! These keep things clean and cut down on bacterial growth. Often - as a person ages - they cannot reach things as well. These little bidets are a great help down there. For under $100 you can't hardly 'miss.'
website: amazon/Luxe-MB320-Double-Nozzle-Attachment/dp/B001KKRCGE/ref=sr_sp-btf_title_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1397518683&sr=8-7&keywords=bidet+sprayer+warm+water
If that sucker sprayed me in the nads with cold water thered be a ruckus that would be heard on other planets. horrible, horrible , idea. MUST have came from asia.
Captain - for the benefit of those of us who are nad-less, would those other planets you referred to be confined to this solar system, or lie even further away?
Just trying to ascertain the extent of the gain further insight, as it were.
i dont want to exxagerate so id say our own moon might wobble on its axis' momentarily. be a lot of cussin tho..
If the water was the right temperature, I bet he would sit there for days with a big grin.
ROTFL Pam! The image that conjures up is beyond funny!

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