Beware of caregiver weight gain!

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I'm gaining weight and don't like it one bit! Being confined to the house 24/7 and not getting out enough is putting the pounds on me. I have the type of body where I can look at a piece of pie and gain 5 get the idea. The grind and boredom of being a full time caregiver to my elderly mother has given an already hefty appetite.....more momentum. I'm am starting a "strict diet" tomorrow and will keep you all posted on my success. I would like to hear from others who have gained weight from being "tied down" in their role as caregiver.


I have gained weight also, I am almost 53 and I am going through menopause. Unfortunately I have always been an emotional eater, I eat healthy meals and I get a 45 minute walk in every day, BUT I binge when I need comfort and am feeling emotional. My start date is September 1st, I am not dieting per se but I am going to keep my calorie intake between 1300-1400 . Also, I am buying a hula hoop, they are suppose to be wonderful for losing inches around the middle. they say not to use it for more than 2 minutes each time, but work up to a few times each day! They are inexpensive so it's worth a try !!
Been there, done that.......the weight gain, I mean. The diet will have to wait as I am in the midst of quitting smoking. One thing at a time, please......
Don't sweat it if you gain a few anyone keeping score? Be kind to yourself and don't add more pressure to your already pressure filled life of caregiving. When the time is right, you will lose weight but above all, DO NOT DO IT FOR ANYONE ELSE, do it for you and you alone.......the heck with everyone else's mindless, ignorant opinions.
Good advice. Too Late. Up 10 lbs since I've been here. The Good New York food,after living away for 30 years, is also a contributing factor.;)
No weight gain here, but what was once muscle is turning to flab. Yes, I need more exercise.
The south beach diet is a quick healthy way to loose it.. My problem is sugar, I have been eating candy like its going out of style. Some days I wake up and eat nothing but candy all day. That's what I do when I'm stressed, I keep willy wonka in buisness. Not pies and cakes just gobstoppers, laffy taffy , nerds that kind of candy I am probably going to be a diabetic after all this.
A couple of years ago I bought a wii and started using their basic exercise program. I could barely do any of the activities when I started. I just kept at it and changed my eating habits a bit. Have almost eliminated sugary stuff from my diet, especially, sodas, pies, cakes, cookies. Nuts are a great filler, high in fat but its the good kind. Makes you feel full, lots of fruit. I always try to eat a good breakfast. I LOST 40 POUNDS. I'm almost 60 and menopause had a major affect on my waist line but two years later, still in a size 4, exercise at least 3 times a week about 40 minutes. Weights, Calisthenics, Yoga. It is working so far for me. BTW, about once a week I eat whatever, Snickers, Pizza, Chinese and I eat as much as I want. My Basic Resting Metabolic requirement is 1380 calories. I try not to ever eat more than 1500 in a day.

Now I'm trying to quit smoking using the e-cigs and I'm exercising more to keep my metabolism up. We'll see. But so far I'm not replacing smoking with eating using the e-cigs and I've smoked 45 years but I don't see it as a cake walk. Weaning my brain off nicotine is a real challenge.

Just try to figure out what you want to do and stick with it. But yes, if you are confined to the house most of the time, you need an exercise routine. Just running in place will boost your metabolism and your energy level.
PS. It took from Feb 4 to Aug 28 to lose 40 lbs. I lost it slow and really changed my eating habits.
I've gained a couple of pounds as well. I'm finding that using my mom's treadmill and using online exercise videos help--and all can be done in the home. Of course, finding the motivation to do these things is its own challenge. One thing that's really easy is using an app to track your calories. I LOVE the app Lose It. it's free, and has a really simple, clear, ad-free design. Also--remember that each day is new, and no matter how "bad" you were the day before, you get to start over each morning!
Weight gain? You could say that. Part of it has to do with a medication for my fibromyalgia. I've put on 35 lbs in the past year. Yikes! And I was 20 lbs overweight before that gain. I'm starting to outgrow my fat pants. I hate this. Definitely time to start the diet. I want to get a treadmill, but have no place to put it in the house. We have a pool in our subdivision, and water exercise is great for Mom, but I've only been able to get her go down there with me twice. I'm hesitant about leaving her alone, although I could probably go while she's napping.

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