Why I am a better caregiver than you?

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HAH-got your attention didn't I? First of all HOW DARE YOU??!! How dare you let a , as far you know, crazy faceless nameless poster on a forum EVER influence how you feel about yourself!!! Do not let any silly asinine statement on here EVER take away from who you know you are!!!!! You are all awesome! Now--why I am a better caregiver than you---

Because I am only part time. Yup. This last week(well actually the week before --it has taken me this long to recoup from my week) I had my Mom and I learned a very important thing--- I am a pretty good caregiver to her BUT mostly because I knew it was for a short time. Yes, I got her laughing and eating and I bathed her with much care and I smiled all week. And the entire time I was saying inside. 'this is only temporary, this is only temporary, this is only temporary....'

Now I am what I truly think of as a caregiver , to my girl but I am her Mom and so it is different. But you guys, YOU GUYS!!! You spouses and you children who are taking full time care of your loved ones -whether in your home or in an AL or NH ?!?!! Well, let me tell you , I would not be so smiley and not nearly so relaxed and not nearly as patient if I knew it was not temporary. I would not be nearly as "good" a caregiver if it was a permanent position. And I know this and I want to say how amazed and in awe I am of you all who do this full time.

And remember this--when your siblings or cousins or who-not come down and watch Mom or Dad for a day or even a week and say "why it was no problem! I don't know why you make it seem so hard" tell them to bite you! Because they were saying '. This is only temporary , this is only temporary , this is only temporary ....' in their heads whether they want to admit it or not.




Oh, sheesh! I hope my little joke of a title didn't back fire! :(. I am NOT a better caregiver , guys, was just-aww, shucks, just being a stinker!
Don't worry Mishka, Lol!! I know what you are saying, when we know there is an end to something it is easier to handle the caregiving....if all else fails....hose them off in the back yard and hang your parent up to dry,LOL!!
I came to this thread looking for some tips! LOL

But your thoughts are sweet and appreciated, Mishka!
Thank you.
I have clothes pins that are heavy duty to handle the job.
I know there were times when my parents thought about doing the same to me, Lol!!
Haha-you guys are too funny! Babalon- too sweet that you were humble enough to look for tips! Sorry I don't have any for you!
Sharynmarie-love it! Even after only a week I was ready for the clothes pins!

Cold water on a hot day is a big stress reliever, Lol!! If 80 something mom/dad wants to run naked through the sprinklers in the backyard, who cares what the neighbors think. These are the same neighbors who probably witnessed my kids doing the same thing when they were little.
That was GREAT Mishka! How wonderful of you to give us the pat on the back we don't get often enough! You made my day! So glad your week went well.....and that you made it to Happy Hour!
Yay-BoniChak!! :0) so glad I made you happy ! You guys deserve it! XXOO!
Mishka you're a sweetheart! After the week I just had your words were like a giant hug.....big HUGS back at ya!

sharynmarie, those clothespins are the squeezie-pinchie kind, right? Argh! Just got a visual of my MIL running through a sprinkler wearing nothing but her Lifeline necklace......**shudder!!**

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