The BEST fresh wipes I've come across.

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I broke my ankle and was in the hospital last June. Not fun. Anyway, I was given the following by the hospital. It's about the only thing useful I learned while I was there!

READYBATH LUXE total body cleansing system.

I broke my ankle back in June. These wipes are STILL wet and fresh 6 later! They don't dry out and large enough to do "take care of things." I stumbled across the ones given to me upon discharge from the hospital and was amazed at how wet they still remained. Google it. They are about a wee bit over $2 for an 8 pack of wipes.

And, no, I have no affiliation with them but I've bought "Fresh Wipes" type things over the years and they dry out lickety spli. Here is a solution.

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Hobbesmom, thanks for the information. I know what you mean about the other wipes drying out so quickly :P

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