I believe my mom is shutting down.

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Mom stopped eating about 3 days ago and only drinks enough water to wash down pills. Her body fat is already gone so her body is eating muscle now. I'm not going to force food and water on her. I've read enough to know that her systems are dying and dehydration followed by malnutrition are the two most humane ways to let go and die. She asked me today if there was a way I could hasten the process. No I can't but I'm not trying to prolong it either. She's not in much pain cause she takes an Oxycodone every 4 hrs. The pain is emotional in nature. I've told her to stop worrying about us halfassed kids and do what feels right for herself. She asks straight questions, I give her straight answers as in "I think you only have a few days left." She has always considered me the no - spin guy. I believe kidney cancer is going to get her even before the unstable angina, even before the dementia and COPD. Sister is helping out right now but the parrot must not trust sis much. Every time mom so much as groans the parrot screams for " bob. " Ancient technology at its best. lol..


Cap'n, may God bless you all, that parrot included. We will be here thinking about you before, during, and after...write when you can. Hugs...
the parrot used to belong to my friend betsys mother who died from an aneurism in the birds presence. shes no stranger to human tragedy.. shes quite intelligent..
Capn, I am so sorry to read this. Your mother is quite the character and will take a lot of spirit with her when she leaves us. I never know what to say when death is close. It is so welcome to see the suffering end, but there is still so many things that weren't done or said. Maybe you can teach the parrot to say "Bob said he loves you." She'll either love it or throw something at the parrot. Secretly I bet she would love it.
Capn, you have been a devoted and loving (and funny) son to your Mom - and clearly your parrot agrees! I hope your Mom's passing is easy and that you have strong support around you. Bless you, your Mom and your sister (and your parrot).
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom. You have been an angel on earth.....to her...and to us.

Your strength inspires us, as much as it comforts her.

Your humour reminds us that life just "is what it is", and so is death, but when they are both dealt with humour.....the pain softens just a bit. Hopefully enough for us to get through it.

Your honesty is a living tribute to the woman that raised you. She did good. You did GREAT.

I think I speak for everyone here that have come to depend on that strength, humour and honesty, that WE will be here for you, like you have been for us.

God bless you both,
I'm so sorry. She is lucky to have a son who cares for her as faithfully as you do.
parrots dont pick up new words or phrases very often. its taken me 6 years to get her to say " balls " . " hell " came easy as she says hello a hundred times a day. bird knows mom is failing and shes dealing with it in a very mature way. i think she sees it thru a nature prospective as opposed to the more human emotional aspect. it gives me strength as it is a very natural cycle of life and a time to be more realistic and methodical than overran with emotion. mom is going to slip into a coma in a few days and not return from it. im somewhat happy for her because i dont want to see dementia played out to the end. the hallucinations and loss of mental capacity are torturous for her. shes always been quite brilliant and analytical. she is prepared to die and im telling her it is the reality and its ok.. mom is relieved that shes not going to feel this bad for very long. if i were dying i would talk to the kid who is honest with me. aint no time to be blowing smoke up anyones ass..
Dear Captain, Your Mom knows and you know that you have done everything possible to care for her with dignity and love. I will be praying that she has an easy passing. Blessings to all of you.
Here's to good energy & easy transition for your mom, Bob. Your parrot (is she an African Grey by chance) knows what's coming because animals are so intuitive. From a writer's view of an animal's perspective, I like the way Richard Adams send it in Watership Down: when Hazel, the lead rabbit, died, he left his body behind because he wouldn't need it anymore...
None of us lives for oneself, and no one dies for oneself. For if we live, we live for the lord, and if we die, we die for the lord; so then, whether we live or die, we are the Lord's. God bless you.

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