It's nice to be in control as the caregiver

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Since Mom has dementia, I am the one who makes all of the decisions about what to eat , where to go, what TV shows to watch. Although it's lonely due to lack of communication, it's nice to be running the show. I've been cooking a lot and experimenting with different recipies. I've learned a lot.


I hope you're over the hard part & all stays well for you.
I hope it stays this way for you, just be prepared to flow with the punches if and when she gets combative, defiant, hateful, or aggressive. Wanna trade for a week?
I know what you mean about learning a lot. Actually, my mom many days is still able to help teach me about cooking, which has never been my forte. So that's a silver lining for sure. Thanks for sharing that insight into an upside.
Oh, I'm so happy that you have a positive twist to this hard task you have. All my best ot you!

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