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Asked mom's neurologist to get the paperwork going so that I can give it to mom's lawyer and get the PO A started. Oh no dr says. She will need to have mom declared incompetent and demented by another dr so her nurse gives me a few names. I think to myself why can't you do this since you're treating her for parkinsons dementia, but whatever. So we go to the referred dr who works within same office. all he does is give her some more memory tests mom says she does not have hallucinations,which of course she does while I'm mouthing yes and nodding. So I'm thinking I'm going to be called out of the room after the test where mom says it's May 2012 and obviously struggled and I'm going to get the necessary documentation from him. No mom gets a new med and we are told to read Deepak Chopra's THe Super Brain book and to come back in 3 months. A book that mom couldn't make heads or tails out of. I downloaded a sample and after 3 pages of "embrace and love your inner membrane psycho babble" I wanted to go and kick this doctor's effing butt. Maybe this is a good book for some 35 year old who thinks it might help prevent them from getting dementia in the future but not for what I'm dealing with here with physical and mental deterioration brought on by advanced Parkinsons and dementia. My cousin says I need to get a lawyer and advocate for me but I don't have the money to do that. HELP!!!!!!


Stevie, I think it would be best to see another doctor Not of the same clinic. Can you research and find a Geriatric doctor? A geriatrician is a medical doctor with additional training and experience in assessing and treating problems in older people.

You can research more on it:

On this site, they provide you some contact numbers.

If you are wondering where can find a geriatrician in your area, you can call:
American Geriatrics Society 212-308-1414
The American Board of Internal Medicine 215-446-3500
This isn't a clinic. It's a reputable hospital in their affluent burbs of Chicago with a whole neuroscience floor and is renowned. I'm thinking they are moving at a glacier pace because they are so patient focused and are trying to be at the cutting edge of some medical breakthrough or else they're worried about mom suing.
I'd still find another doctor.

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At least in NY, you Don need to have a person declared incompetent to get POA. In fact, if mom IS deemed competent, it seems to me that she could voluntarily give you poa?
Mom's reached the paranoid delusional stage and facilitates in and out of reality. Technically I do have PO A that will be evoked as soon as a doctor signs off that she is no longer able to handle any of her affairs. Two cents you are right I want to find another dr because I should not have to go through these hoops. I don't see how I can get her to one though without her knowing why.
In most states TWO doctors have to declare incompetence and they need to be Neurologists or Psychiatrists. OR when you seek Guardianship, a Court Evaluator interviews the defendant and makes a recommendation to the Judge.
ba8alou, same here where I live... I have POA for my sig other and he has POA for me [both medical and financial]. And neither of us have memory issues except for those occasional senior moments :P

Pam you are right about the 2 doctors. Right now I got 2 neurologists stalling. So not happy especially since as of this writing I'm dealing with another hallucinatory situation. Mom told me she wanted to call the cops and I told her I wish she had. Maybe some police documentation might help my case. Someone wrote on this forum a while back how one person cannot be the day and night staff for a person with dementia. They are so right. Add on to that the fact that she is a physical invalid and that just doubles it.
Take mom to a geriatric psychiatrist. Tell her it's a requirement of Obamacare. Or her insurance company or Medicare, to continue her coverage.
Also, what does mom's lawyer say you need? Have the lawyer talk to the doctors.

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