Help, been at it 7 years suddendly became 11 years!


Mom passed away, and after 11 years of caregiving my work is done. It got really bad for her the last few months, but I NEVER gave up and, thank God, I never fell apart too badly. I suffer from arthritis now, I also weigh too much. My house is upside down. My siblings never helped out either. Mom even begged one of them who lives down the road to please come see her and spend time with her, but he would rather go to a ball game. And now she is gone and he can never get those years back where she was alive and he ignored her. Also, two of the siblings have died. They never saw her or called or sent flowers. My dear hubby will tell me they did not obey the 5th commandment! True indeed! I spoke to one sibling Christmas day and I said Mom is getting worse, he said he would fly out in a week or two and, five months later, he finally made it but it was now to visit her in a mortuary as I made arrangements for her burial. It was so hard all of those years, some of you may remember me. I have not been on this site in 3! I guess I have been busy. Mom was 24/7 care, dementia, hallucinations and much, much more the last 4 months. For those of you still caring for a parent or spouse, God Bless you. You are all Angels and have all earned your wings. I'm here now if I can offer any advice? I don't know? I now have to re-learn being a wife and a mother to my own. Take care everyone.

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Regret is a terrible thing to have to live with. You were smart, loving and courageous and will be blessed to have none. I'm sure the same will not be true for your siblings.

Now be kind and generous to yourself and your husband. You've earned it.

used2bhapi, it will take a while to find the road back to your own life. I hope you just take a while and look over all that you accomplished. Also be sure to give that wonderful husband a couple of extra hugs for hanging in there. They are heroes, too. Job well done, gf. As for the siblings -- not much can be done there. I'm sorry that they missed out on such an important time. I know they will always be explaining to people why they weren't able to be there. 

God bless you. You did it all. You are a source of inspiration. Thank you