Been a long road.

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35 yrs of hepc , 15 yrs of failed treatments , tears in my eyes today . to all the elder caregivers


Captain, I am sorry that you are upset today. Just know that your advice is always so refreshing and makes me laugh out loud. Even though I do not know you, I can feel your pain through your post. Your care of your mother and your aunt are to be commended. You hung in there when I could not. You are a strong, caring person. Do not let anyone else tell you anything different.
Captain, we al love you! Hugs from Brooklyn!
my post doesnt tell the whole story . i just completed a 12 week regimen of olysio , sovaldi , and ribavirin that stomped hepc on day 10 . really happy today but about exhausted from the whirlwind of it all ..
i recheck viral load in 12 weeks . if still undetectable , considered a cure . i d*mn well feel it ..
Cap, sending good thoughts...
Keep on keepin' on, Captain, bugs in your teeth, wind in your hair.
Hugs captain, your in my thoughts
Captain, Hooray! I pray for a cure.
It is like a gift to you for being a good son. I'm happy with you.
Couldn't open the YouTube video but just wanted to add my support to that of the others.

Start your Fourth of July weekend now and just rest, rest and rest. Hang in there, friend!
only the strong survive -- reo speedwagon .
meant for the caregivers mostly ..

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