Becoming my grandmas caregiver.

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Would like to know how to becoming my grandmas caregiver and get paid for it. She has Medicaid and Tricare.


Any care hours are ordered by an MD, based on things like feeding, dressing, bathing and assistance with transfers (bed to chair or putting on toilet). It is never a full time job. Occasionally the agency giving care will hire a family member who agrees to go through their training. You have to be fingerprinted and background checked as part of the process.
I see she is living at your home. Was her husband in the service for even one day during wartime? There is VA Aid and Assistance that she may qualify for, usually about $1,300 a month. Medicaid depends on the state you are in. Does grandma pay you rent and portion of household expenses? How old is grandma? Is tge care you are providing medically necessary as determined by her doctor? That is a necessity. If she needs the care this is much more than a full time job but pays very little. Wouldn't you rather find work that will pay something?

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