It's beautiful outside today....

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We live in the Palm Springs, CA area, and we have a beautiful backyard with a lovely patio and a fountain. I can't tell you how long it's been since we sat outside and enjoyed it. Today, Mom was busy doing something, and I decided to go outside and enjoy it. My husband came out with me with his radio controlled helicopters, and I sat there in the sun (it was about 75 degrees) and listened to the fountain, the birds, and my husbands helicopter (LOL), and felt totally at peace. What a nice break, taking some me time without going anywhere. It was only half an hour, but it was really great!


I'm so glad u were able to enjoy it with ur husband!!! =)
Sounds like a bit of heaven. We had a beautiful day today, too. I took Mom to church and out to eat. I planned to go for a walk, but lay down just for a minute... and slept the rest of the afternoon. Oh, well. Maybe I needed the sleep. Felt great when I woke up.

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