I am aware Alzheimer's sufferer's find difficulty in swallowing, this is why I do crush Mom's tablets into powder...

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so She can swallow without any difficulty with the aid of a glass of water. Of late I have noticed Mother drinks Her tea with a soup spoon..like One drinks soup. I guess this is the norm for People Who suffer with Al/s, as drinking with the aid of a soup spoon ensures drinking a smaller volume more slowly. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THIS PLEASE ?

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My husband has problems with medicines also, and some foods. I cut the meats up small, take small portions, and put the medicine in bananas, pudding, or yogurt. This is true I believe on dementias as they progress to get worse. Give small amounts, thicker fluids are better. Monitor when she eats. My husband can use a straw yet but I keep an eye on him with fluids and meals. Pneumonia seems to be something that often happens in the end stages.

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