My aunt wants to pay me to care for her.

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I receive a sum of $1,500 to help me keep my studio 2 hours away. I spend 90% of every waking hour at my aunts house caring for her room and board included for this. I am not wealthy and at 1st I declined any money but she insisted and I am glad now going on 3 years i appreciate the money that pays for my other home and gas to and from. She has the money and wants to pay me more because she loves the arrangement. Being able to live out her years at her home of 50 years. I have suggested many time I would help her find a quality living home 6that6 would help her not to be lonely and healthy for me to move. Is $1.500 too much? she wants to give me $2,000 a month I guess because I give such great care and thinks I may leave her i guess. is it bad to except it if she says she can do it she 92


It would cost her much more to have a stranger provide the services you are providing. If she can afford it (and it sounds like she can) then by all means let her pay you. Why shouldn't our elderly have the dignity of paying their own way if they can? Accept a raise if that is truly what she wants to do.

I suggest a clearly worded agreement that spells out what you do for her and what she is paying you. Both of you sign it. That helps answer any issues that may arise among family members.

If POA has any misgivings about this expenditure, she is welcome to try to find quality care for less.
I love you and it helps to know things I am challenged with as my reletives come and go not lifting a finger but back talking if a messy stove needs to be done to my aunt and proudly she defended the insult back that I do a lot. Hooray! I can accept any visit for my aunt it is family but minus the insult. if I heard that I would just bend over reach for the 409 and rag put it on the stove gently for them and thank them for noticing and smile and walk away!
a year and a half ago we built 2 rooms onto our home and my Mom moved in. The agreement with family was to have her pay a monthly fee for me caring for her. It is working out fairly well. Do I need to pay income tax on that monthly fee?
I would ask your accountant about paying income taxes on the amount you receive-you do not want to get into trouble down the line.

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