Hi, just to let you all know my aunt passed away peacefully and we had a lovely service for her.

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She is now at peace. We met up with our relations who had Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy and we talked everything out . I am back home in England now and getting on with my life, and am so glad that my Aunt did not suffer a lot at the end of her life. So sorry for bothering you all about my concerns previously but I felt pushed out and not allowed to know anything. Anyways thanks for listening. One question I have is can an attorney withhold a will that my aunt drew up in 2010 and go with a will that was drawn up in 2009?


those dam attorneys can do anything they want if you cant afford to challenge them . they know the law -- for the purpose of abusing it without repercussion .
a peaceful end of life is the best any of us can hope for . i think that even without comfort meds the body has its own mechanisms to reduce agitation and pain -- such as delerium , euphoria , or unconcsiencness .
Sorry for your loss. As to the will, your aunt may not have signed or dated her will, or if it is a holographic (handwritten) will, maybe all the right parts weren't in her own handwriting. It's not necessarily the most recent will that counts, but the most recent valid will. Do you have any more details or explanation given by the attorney?
I'm not an attorney but if I thought a more recent will existed that purposely was being ignored, I would bring it to the county surrogate's (probate judge) attention. Of course, that could invoke more negative energy than you're willing to expend!
Sorry, I posted before I was finished -- meant to add that I am sorry for your loss. Glad your aunt is now at peace.
Thank you for sharing this information. Condolences on the death of your aunt.

The most recent valid will must be used. Were the changes between 2009 and 2010 significant? Was your aunt still competent to write a will in 2010? Is it in the hands of her lawyer? What explanation does the lawyer give you for using the 2009 version? How do you know about both versions? Lots more questions than answers, but if you wish to contest the will, I think you had best engage a lawyer where probate takes place.

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