Aunt Edna in hospital.

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i guess she passed out and took a fall in her apartment fri eve. ended up in hospital. she isnt hurt but clearly she wont be allowed to live alone again. sharon, edna, myself and doc will have a meeting in the am. she will be going to phys rehab for a few weeks then a living arrangement decided for her. ive offered to live with her at her apartment because i can muster enough help to permit me to work a few days a week. sharon also lives in the same complex across the street with an overhead walkway so i think my offer is being taken pretty seriously. i would love to do it for her. theres a renter at my place who takes great care of the home and keeps the bills paid and theres just not much holding me here right now. sharon and i are on the best of terms and even the grandkid who wanted to pulverize me is being a real gentleman at this point. spoke with the social councelor today , she spoke with sharon on the phone, doc sirpong and i are familiar with each other from my mothers final days in hospital and none of them are taking my offer lightly. bum, dam, diddly, ummer.. i spent friday taking that horrid bench seat out of my truck and hooking edna up with the most comfortable bucket seats with lumbar adjustment that youve ever seen. i dont argue with doctors for any reason but i dont have to, these people know im experienced in the emotional aspect of dementia care and all involved understand my dedication and sincerity. edna is one of the most giving and nurturing people that one will ever meet and she deserves all the love and comfort in the world in her own time of need. lifes trying moments dont have to be grim and depressing. i told a nurse today that edna and i wanted a helicopter ride, lol. of course i want to run some oil pressure and main bearing checks on the machine first. we dont trust just any halfassed aviation mechanic..


You sound like you are up for another challenge, with your caregiving skills and deep bond with Aunt Edna she is in good hands, hope there will be more fun and adventures for you both , you have got the other family members on board, nicely done, what a turn around, did you hypnotize them?
Captain glad to hear Edna didn't get seriously hurt, you must have been so frightened!

As far as caring for her, you know what's entailed. You're a good man, she's lucky to have you in her life..
Captain I hope Edna takes you up on your offer to move in. She couldn't have a better caregiver. I'm glad she didn't get too beat up with her fall. Keep us up on your adventures with Edna!
Captain all I can say is that you are a prince among men.
Most of us would cut off an arm to get out of caregiving, but there you go diving in head first. I hope Jesus at least sends you a casserole.
You know what you are getting (and we) know you are VERY good at it.
Aunt Edna is a lucky old broad. Good luck Bob!
How are things going, Captain?
edna is doing great in icu. they want her in a walker. I could kick my own a** for not getting her into one sooner. I knew her legs needed exercise, we just had to start somewhere. ingrown toenails, a comfortable chair, country rides, new glasses, d**n, I was heading there but not soon enough. ive made my offer to live with her to the social counselor and its not being taken lightly. im a living joke but compared to the rest of her family im being taken seriously by all involved,. yes im into it. you'll never see another 89 yr old person with a better sense of humor. I took her two honey buns tonight and she said if the icu didnt like it, shed hide em. lol. shes such a doll..
she went on a jet to arizona with us a few years ago. of course son jake had to buy a really beautiful glass b**g. edna didnt know exactly what it was for but it was just so pretty she couldnt keep her hands off of it. i caught her once hugging it closely. a more humorous pic was never taken unless it was some of the anonomous ones that motorists took of us trike riding a few years ago. were going trike riding this summer come h*** and or high water. i spose the cops could catch us but i dont think theyll try very hard. lol
i get the biggest kick out of traveling to bloomington for limestone in the old 51 chev trk. god bless the dot, they graciously always look the other way.. he he
jesus could send me a hunk of hash if hed get over his grudge. him and i used to get trashed and ride ike but i stuck him in a fence once and broke his rt leg and hes still being a d**k about it.. come on guy, it gets better in about 5 years..
he could at least own his own part of it. you dont go trippin with cap and ike in sandals.. dumb***, get some work boots..

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