Aunt Edna had another fall today.

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i believe she momentarily passed out while walking cause i saw it happen to my mom one time. dementia is such an unpredictable illness. she wants to come to work with me and run the log splitter valve for me and ya know ? thats exactly what were going to do unless somebody with some serious credentials convinces me differently . we all know she is going to die, i want her to live until that happens. she had a wonderful day last weekend sitting in my garage watching me replace truck body panels . any one of 200 people in her independant living facility would have gladly traded her places that day . we were living , death is for another day ..
one day in the spring she shoveled gravel off the truck .
a va phsyce today told me edna was doing me as much good as i was doing for her . man truer words were never spoken. i need purpose , she needs a bodyguard with a brain the size of a marble . lol


You go, captain! Help her live until she dies.

I hope the consequences of the fall weren't serious ... ?
Just don't let her run the machinary for a couple of days, lol! Just have her shovel gravel, or something similarly light.
ill hook her up with a chainsaw, big guy , small brain , remember ?
eh , i love her , its hard seeing her fading but wonderful to be able to be here for her.. she got red paint on her clothes from the new truck parts and didnt mind a bit. we aint got any sense but we have new fenders..
va keeps telling me to ease up on the hard labor. it reminds me of a hilarious youtube video by a group called raygun. the song is entitled " just because you can , doesnt mean you should " . ya gotta check it out . the musicians are playing music on the hoods of cars involved in an obviously low speed police chase . it always makes me laugh..
She is so lucky to have you!
Make sure she is properly hydrated. Electrolyte imbalance can make her fall. Just water alone won't do it. My grandma would have "color water" when she was dizzy: 4oz of water and a teaspoon of whisky. Grandpa hated sharing even a teaspoon of his stuff.
captain, I'll know who to call when I start limping along. Sounds like fun. Is Edna okay?
That's the way to spend the last part of your life - doing something you enjoy. I'd rather die gardening than laying in a bed in some institution.

Kudos to you for giving her the opportunity to enjoy the final chapter of her life.
Way to go Captain! Sounds like Edna is doing exactly what she wants to do, which is the most any of us can ask of life!
You're doing good, captain. Edna is just so feisty! Reminds me of my Nana - who had my mom getting mad because Nana just kept being active and wouldn't stay put - on the chair. These older generations are sure very tough 'birds', aren't they?
Bookluvr, I think one of the things that made them tough is surviving the Depression!

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