Aunt Edna crappied off. Peacefully.

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I'm so happy for her. The girl was 92, moderate dementia and no sickness or pain to speak of. She was just tired. I would be too . old age got her and i think its a beautiful thing .
the NH staff are probably the biggest losers . they lost one loving and mischievious old friend . i feel bad for them .


Captain, I've been following your journey with Aunt Edna and had to smile with some of things the two of you did, and how well you handled her care. You will have a boat load of memories. My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.
Aww Captain, FF said it so well. I'm sorry for your loss.
edna isnt gone . i just mentioned in the ( whats for dinner ) thread that her badassery in the forest and in the kitchen is going on in at least three homes tonight . when i play in the kitchen with either of my sons and they shove me outta the way as soon as they get the drift , i think of edna .
run with it b* tches.
her daughter has sacrificed a lot of her energies to care for her mom for many years too .
the best i could do was to write to her tonight and tell her so , and to be proud . she done a great job , in spite of the mother / daughter dynamics .
Capn, you have Edna some great times and kept her safe. I'm sorry for you loss.
Hey Cap. So sorry for your loss. Edna sounded like quite the character. May she rest in peace!
until society creates another like her , ill remain alone .
just talked to my youngest son . him and his girl are taking off for the smokey mountains . they are such a product of their upbringing it isnt even funny .
my ex was so inspired by witches peak that she said shed like to have her ashes distributed there . of course i was listening . she may have her ashes scattered there long before a natural death . lol ..
grudge , me ? hell to the YA ..
my funnest memory was edna sitting in my garage for 8 hrs while i switched out a fender and a rocker panel on the little truck that she liked so much . when we went back to town in the evening she said shed never rode in a vehicle without a hood . i assured her we dont need no stinking hood and she was so accomodating that she didnt even put up a fuss .
the girl just rolled with it . why wouldnt i fall in love with her ?
one time we burried the truck in the swamp and had to phone for help . she said we had ice water and it was a beautiful day and s* it happens . how cool can you get ?
Awww Captain, I've enjoyed your posta about Aunt Edna. I'm sorry for your loss, I know you'll miss her, but it sounds like she'll be having fun where ever she is.
cooler than ice T wearing snow skies ..
he he
my GRL ..

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