My aunt has dementia. She lives alone. She retired from her job about 15 years ago. She calls her jobs daily to say she isn't coming in.

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Is there any way that I can block the number from being called. They called me today and they want her to stop calling. They mentioned talking legal steps...what can I do. I live in another state am I am looking to place near me. She has a health aide that comes in five days a week but she calls in before the aide arrives.


Is she tying up the receptionist for too long when she calls in? If not, can't they just thank her for calling and hang up? It seems harmless enough. Or, can she be told that her old job has a new number, then give her yours or some compassionate person who is willing to let her call daily. Legal action seems a bit over the top.
I'd try calling the Alzheimer's Help Line at 1.800.272.3900. The phone is answered by trained professionals and I'm guessing this is something others have dealt with as well - they might have suggestions.
Another option to telling her they have a new number is to post it by her phone and anywhere else she looks for "things". My mom remembers only one number (my brother's which I actually enjoy since he does nothing to help), but I have mine and a neighbor's number in various places. You might even tape the new number to the phone. I also agree with quake rite. They should just tell her thank you and, oops, another call coming in. Gotta go. What harm is she truly doing? I believe I would remind them any of us could be in the same circumstance some day.
My father is doing something like this. He goes to his former workplace in person several times a week. So far, if it's annoying them, they haven't tried to notify me.
I agree with the other posters. How bothersome could this really be for them?? Threatening legal action is totally over the top! And, what would that legal action be? Any good lawyer would laugh them right out of her office!
I'd try reasoning with them (reasoning with your aunt will only frustrate you and her). Ask them to treat it like they treat every other non-productive phone call they receive - say "thank you" and hang up.
You have enough on your plate trying to sort out your aunt's living arrangements. Cross this off of your "things to worry about" list.
Is there a way that her phone could only take 'incoming' calls? Check with the phone Co. I know I have seen this in some call centers so that the phone answerer's can't make outgoing calls and become distracted. That way she could call to her heart's content and nothing would happen. I am assuming she does have a 'life alert' bracelet for emergencies and that you carry a cell phone when visiting her.
PS, I am surprised that she is still living alone and not in assisted Living.
I doubt if the law would do anything, but they maybe would refer the situation to your Health and Human resources to investigate. With my Mom, she forgot all numbers but the 911 which she said she'd call police on me and my son cause she'd sometimes think we were different "people". So I took away the phone from her bedside, put the living room phone in by my bed. Of nights I blocked off kitchen for her safety (silverware, stove and PHONE in there)

Those ex employers should get "over themselves". I worked in an office and about once a week this lady who was trying to get unemployment would come in rambling. It was explained to me she was on unemployment many years ago and her hubby since died and of course she got pensions, ss at that time. But we'd just say yes, and ok - and agree with everything she said. It was so sad but sweet to see all those co-workers explaining it to others and being so nice to her.
Great suggestions thus far. I agree, talk to the Human Resources Dept; get the responsible's name title and address. Then, have mom's doctor write a letter stating he is treating her for xxxx (generic). Keep a copy for yourself and note when you send it off; send it off to the repsonsible at Human Resources. You can't just have incoming calls in case she needs 911; does she know that number? Probably best if she doesn't as she would be calling them all the time! Although we need to think of ways to fix this I don't think they can legally do much to you or your mom; maybe harassment and a restraining worst. i like giving her a new number to call just have to think what new number would be good. Upsetting as it is its minor in the great sceme of things. I wish she were closer to you and i agree, maybe she should not be living alone.
If it has been 15 years, unless it is a small family owned business, the odds are that few people she knew are still there. So the people who answer may not have any history or connection with her (and if like some of the young people we hire) don't have much empathy in their nature. Not trying to sound mean, but someday, with luck, they will be in your or your aunt's shoes. Perhaps then they will understand.
Oh sorry. It's your aunt. Well they sure has h - - - can do anything to you. you are not responsible for her unless you have poa. call the phone company and see what they might be able to do to help. Let us know. Take care.

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